Bolivia announces the launch of a “megacampo” of gas in Chuquisaca

The President of Bolivia, Luis Arce, has announced the launch of a gas “megacampo” in the Chuquisaca department, in the country, as part of the YPFB explorations and the Repsol, Shell and PAE consortia.

“Congratulations, the good parties are not only going to happen in the family, we know that our Pachamama is making us, the Bolivians, a lindo regala.

Arce has detailed that the discovery was produced in the Boicobo Sur-X1 pose, located in the province of Luis Calvo, in Chuquisaca, with 1 TCF (a billion cubic feet) which he trusted to explode in the finals of 2021.

“Until now, almost 2021, this stage will be in production and, for that matter, there will be an important contribution to all hydrocarbon policies that are in place for our country,” he said. ABI news agency.

The Bolivian mandate recorded that this project had a presumption of 102 million dollars, of which 74 million dollars were executed for the perforation works carried out in exploration mode.