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3 monster growth stocks that could tax in 2021

With the decline of 2020, there is the growing belief that 2021 will be a growth year for the stock markets. The U.S. election required a divided government, which probably did not need the broad majority or the broad support, to introduce far-reaching reform legislation from the right or the left, and that is a good forecast for the economy. after the spread, and while new antivirus locks are also in place, the feeling is that the end of the pandemic may be near. According to the analyst community, some names reflect serious growth games. These are stocks that have seen an impressive rise over the past year, and are ready to see growth continue, even after the end of 2020. If you keep this in mind, we have used the TipRanks database to search street for ticks that fall into this category. Analysts in particular believe that there are three, and that each name, which also happens to have a consensus rating of ‘Strong Buy’, could keep the boom in 2021 alive. SunOpta (STKL) The first stock on this growth list is a health snack. company, SunOpta. The company’s range of products includes vegetable drinks, fruit snacks, gravy and infusions, tea and sunflower and roasted snacks. The company markets through distribution of private labels and co-manufacturing, as well as through food service establishments. SunOpta boasts a market capitalization of $ 962 million, after a year of tremendous share price growth. The stock is rising this year with an impressive 328%, far exceeding the general markets. The company’s Q3 revenue is $ 314.9 million, up 6.4% year-on-year. The EPS, with a net loss of 1 cent, was better than the 2-cent loss expected – and much better than the 11-percent loss reported in the previous quarter. The good performance of the company attracted the attention of Craig-Hallum analyst. Alex Fuhrman. The analyst rates STKL a Buy along with a price target of $ 15. This figure implies a one-year lead of 40% from current levels. (To see Fuhrman’s record, click here). In support of his position, Fuhrman wrote: ‘We believe that the company’s focus on high-quality plant-based foods and beverages should give a premium rating, with the possibility that COVID’s economy can be restored. Fuhrman’s optimism is largely based on SunOpta’s niche. The analyst commented: ‘We expect vegetable food supplies to offer a premium valuation to other food businesses in the foreseeable future, given faster growth trends and compelling environmental benefits. With only $ 4.5 billion in sales today, vegetable products account for less than 1% of the $ 695 billion grocery market, but it’s easy to imagine that it will make up a double-digit share of grocery sales over time. Wall Street does not always meet in unanimity, but in this case it does. SunOpta’s consensus rating of Strong Buy analysts is unanimous, based on 3 Buy reviews. The stock is selling for $ 10.70, and with an average price target of $ 15, SunOpta has a growth potential of 40%. (See STKL stock analysis on TipRanks) Green Brick Partners (GRBK) The domestic construction industry has been a bright spot in the economy over the past year. When people moved out of the cities to avoid COVID, they went to the suburbs and suburbs – and this boosted the demand for single-family homes. Green Brick is a Texas land development and land acquisition company. The company invests in real estate, mainly land, and then provides plots and construction financing for the development projects. The spread of the suburbs – not just in this COVID year, but as a general trend, was good for Green Brick. The company’s third-quarter revenue was $ 275.8 million, the best in more than a year, beating the forecast by 20% and rising 31% year-on-year. EPS was also strong; the Q3 value, 68 cents, was 54% above expectations, and more than double the year ago. Green Brick’s share price has risen along with the financial prospects of the company. For the year, GRBK increased by 111%. In his coverage of this stock, Aaron Hecht, analyst at the JMP, remarked: ‘[We] expects GRBK to take advantage of the trend of tenants moving to single-family homes for safety and changing dynamics brought about by more teleworkers. The main cohort shift within the copper coil is millennials who have come from the sidelines to buy homes, a trend that we believe has several runways. The millennial demand trend is widening in the case of GRBK in light of its excessive exposure to markets such as Texas and Atlanta, which are the net beneficiaries of migration from expensive geographic coastal areas. To this end, Hecht rates GRBK as a better performance (ie buy), and its price target of $ 30 implies an increase of ~ 23% for the next 12 months. (To see Hecht’s record, click here.) While not unanimous, Green Brick’s Strong Buy consensus rating is the decisive one, with a 3 to 1 split from Buys versus Hold. The average price target of $ 27.5 gives an upward potential of 12.5% ​​of the current share price of $ 24.45. (See GRBK stock analysis at TipRanks) Brightcove, Inc. (BCOV) As we move the equipment to the software industry, we’re moving to Brightcove, a software company in Boston. Brightcove offers a range of video platform products, including cloud-based hosting and social and interactive add-ons. The company is a leader in the delivery and revenue from cloud-based online video solutions. The strength of such a business model during these pandemic days with their massive shift from white-collar employees to remote offices, telecommuting and video conferencing, is obvious. Brightcove’s earnings were 11 cents a share in the third quarter, almost double the previous year’s quarter. In the first place, revenue was stable and amounted to $ 46 million to $ 48 million per quarter between 2020, without a noticeable COVID effect. Shares in Brightcove rose steadily throughout the year, following a slight setback last winter. The pace has accelerated since the end of July after the Q2 results were announced, and the share is now 103% higher for 2020. The general macro headwind turns into video niche backwind, as noted by Michael Latimore, analyst at Northland Capital. “We believe that a strong market wind, BCOV’s leading technology platform and strong sales are driving strong discussions. We believe that the sales force is at full productivity. BCOV will add more channel managers this year. Management is focused on process improvements to be consistent in maintaining revenue, “the 5-star analyst noted. Latimore rates the stock as better than buying (that is, buying), and its $ 24 price target indicates on confidence in a 36% lead for next year. (To view Latimore’s record, click here. Over the past three months, two other analysts have thrown in the hat with a view to the video technology company. The two additional Buy- ratings give Brightcove a strong Buy consensus rating, with an average price target of $ 20.17, investors can take home a 14% profit if the target is reached in the coming months. (See BCOV stock analysis at TipRanks) Visit TipRanks ‘best-selling stocks, a newly launched tool that combines all the insights of TipRanks’ stocks, only those of the analysts featured here. The content is for informational purposes only. analysis to do before investing.