Bill Belichick loses cool, breaks phone on sideline during Monday night game

After Patriots coach Bill Belichick lost a challenge to the Buffalo Bills on Monday night, he frustration broke a phone.

The New York Post reports that a catch that Dawson Knox made of Bills ‘tight end deserved another look in the Patriots’ eyes. On review, however, it turned out that the catch was legal, a truth that Belichick dealt with by throwing the sideline against the installment.

There were far greater forces behind the lob, stemming from one of the worst seasons the New England team has seen in years. Unfortunately, in the pain of one professional football coach comes Twitter’s pleasure.

The audience reacted quickly to Belichick’s little tantrum and commented on a clip of the moment posted by ESPN’s TwitterCenter SportsCenter.

‘If you answer what looks like a legit [number] but it’s a telemarketer or fraudster, ‘said one Twitter user.

Another one said in amazement, “All the technology in the world on that sideline and dude has been using a phone since 1990.”

It is not surprising that the majority of the comments on the team’s failed season were due to the departure of Tom Brady.

After playing many seasons and going with the Patriots to several Super Bowls, Brady has announced that he will not be signing with the Patriots again for the 2020 season. He leaves for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who happen to have a playoff spot for the first time since 2007.

“He tried to call Tom Brady, but Brady said he was happy to tan in Tampa and sat down with him,” one Twitter user concluded. He may not be wrong.