‘Big-time’ pickup Damon Harrison can for Packers vs. Bears play

Damon “Snacks” Harrison, the New Green Bay Packers’ defensive line, trained with his new team on Thursday and can play in the final of the season against the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

The Packers demanded Harrison on Wednesday from the Seattle Seahawks exemption. He was in the building and available Thursday.

“It’s a big pickup for us, especially late in the season,” coach Matt LaFleur said Thursday. “It doesn’t happen very often.”

Harrison, an All-Pro in 2016, has been one of the most valued defenders in football over the past decade. He’s 32 now, but the Packers are still confident he can add value as a run-back as the playoffs draw.

LaFleur was not 100 percent sure Harrison would play against the Bears, but the door is open for him to make his Packers debut at Soldier Field.

“We’ll see how the week goes,” LaFleur said. ‘It’s always hard to ask someone, but then again you’re dealing with a real pro, a veteran who’s seen a lot. It’s just how fast we can get him to adapt to what we’re trying to do and what we need to do to him. ”

LaFleur said Harrison is a ‘problem to turn around’, which has made him a good fit for the Packers defensive line, especially against the run.

“I think he can give us a lot to play nose,” LaFleur said. “He’s a really good defender and it’s been a long time coming. I’m just excited to get him in the building. ”

Harrison played six games and 138 shots with the Seahawks, who resigned Tuesday. The Packers tried to add him during the season and again during the season, but Harrison chose Seattle.

In Green Bay, Harrison gets another chance to play for a Super Bowl contender.

As a true nose attack or one technique, Harrison should play a fairly simple role in the defensive line.

“Hopefully he can get used to it quickly,” LaFleur said. ‘From what we have heard, he is really an intelligent man, he obviously has a lot of experience. It usually speeds up the learning curve for these guys. ”