Bienestar Medicine Expert Brinda advises on how to deal with anxiety and depression

Christmas and the end of the year are synonymous with celebrations in the company of families and friends; festivity, hugs and good moments in a group.

Without embarrassment, this is due to the pandemic and sanitary protocols to avoid the Covid-19 propaganda, it is necessary to avoid collective celebrations and many that are unacceptable.

Ante the situation, pueden can express emotions like the sadness, nostalgia and melancholy, that of agreement with the Dr. Paulo Castro, specialist of Medicina del Bienestar de Clinique Vitality, can be superadas naturally.

The social distance also can cause manifestations such as depression and depression, which require special attention according to Dr. Castro.

How to determine

Agreed with the Bienestar Medicine Specialist, the staff can identify if they have difficulty sleeping; Permanent preoccupation with being in anguish, malestar in the body for acceleration of cardiac rhythm and respiratory rate, tension muscle, malestar malnutrition, between other symptoms.

“Being able to live in moderation, as an inquisition or passenger nervousness, can be felt as fear, terror or constant panic. “For the most part, experimenting with tensions or stresses over a long period of time is a way of expressing one’s self-esteem,” explained Dr. Castro.

In regards to depression, the expert said that it is associated with a permanent emotion of sadness that can be accompanied by feelings of anger, frustration or impotence.

“Well, it’s normal to feel like it’s at some point in the life, if you’ve been suffering from it for more than two weeks, it’s likely that we’re getting hurt by an animal from an animal shelter. It is also possible that, when experimenting with long periods of onset, it can help the person to suffer from a chronic depression, “said the specialist in Bienestar Medicine.

Some of the symptoms of depression are: difficulty in concealing sleep, sudden changes in appetite, lack of energy or permanent fear, loss of interest in things that are frustrating and difficulty in concentrating.

Para lograr superarlas

Depression and employment are the conditions of extension in current society, so if you want to get rid of these stressors you should not feel sorry for them and you should help them.

El Dr. Castro brought a series of recommendations to help teachers:

  • Identify if there is a problem with control: All individuals have difficult emotional moments and the ability to overrule is what marks the difference. If the job is permanent or is to be depressed, it is likely that the problem with professional help will be required.
  • Apply physical activity routines and maintain good habits: Good nutrition, appetite and relaxation contribute to well-being, through the production of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, responsible for maintaining good health in individuals.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs: Drug and alcohol consumption alone generates dependency cycles that end in deepening the problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Practice meditation: The emotions develop in the brain and the practice of activities like meditation, help to increase the mental images that cause supremacy.
  • Valuing herensia and hormonal imbalances: Depression and anxiety disorders can be caused by hereditary genetic factors, as well as hormonal imbalances. Can be an investigator in family history and look for patterns of conduct to be sure they are of physiological origin.

“If you are looking for a person who may be suffering from depression or obesity, you can also contribute while paying attention to the abnormal behaviors of his loved ones and recommend a visit to a competent specialist in the field”, he concluded. Castro.

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