Biden dice on his transition team ‘found obstacles’

(CNN) – President-elect Joe Biden shared the news that his transition team had “obstructed” by the political leadership in the Department of Defense and the Office of Management and Presbytery while its assessors working with the Trump administration.

“We simply do not have all the information we need from the National Security Security Office,” said Biden, after receiving a virtual information session from members of the security agency’s audit teams.

“In my opinion, there is nothing that is irresponsible,” he said.

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The elective president says that his team needs a clear image of the strength of our strength throughout the world and our operations to destroy our allies. We need a total visibility of the pre-trial planning in the Department of Defense and other agencies to avoid any confusion or blow to the day that our adversaries may intend to explode ».

A spokesman for the Department of Defense told CNN that there were three informational / interview sessions scheduled for this week with the Biden Transition team. Information sessions refer to coronavirus problems and the other is about “cybersecurity”.

The Defense Secretary, Chris Miller, defended the Pentagon’s transition work in a Monday luncheon, referring to the Department’s 164 interviewers with more than 400 officials and saying that the agency had more than 5,000 pages of documents. more solicitation initially by the Biden Transition Team ».

“The Department of Defense’s efforts are superior to those of recent administrations that have been missing for more than three weeks until the final and ongoing program of additional meetings for the remainder of the transition and to respond to any of these information requests. », Dijo Miller.

As such, a source familiar with the situation told CNN that critical meetings are worthwhile.

Tensions between the Biden’s Pentagon and Biden’s transition team have intensified over the past few weeks, leading to extended transitional information meetings.

Last week, Biden said that the Department of Defense was reluctant to inform its team about the massive cyberattack against government agencies and the principals of technology and state accounting. Earlier this week, the Biden Transition team said it had not agreed to a two-week break in discussions with Pentagon officials, except that the Secretary of Defense said that both parties agreed to take a “break from” vacant people ».

A CNN transfer officer told the Defense Department that “meetings and retreats” include meetings with members of the agency’s audit team.

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“We have not seen any progress since the transition officials took over the Department’s political leadership’s principles of this month,” the official said. “As the President-elect, no department is more fundamental to our national security than the Department of Defense, and the lack of willingness to work together could have consequences much greater than 20 years of age.”

Biden says it has a series of urgent national security issues that its administration is preparing to abort when it loads its next cargo, including the coronavirus pandemic, the climatic crisis and the humanitarian crisis on the United States front. Reiterates its promise to drastically separate President Donald Trump’s foreign policy from the outside world and, in turn, rebuild alliances and work with the world and work with societies to address global issues.

“We’re trying to regain the confidence of a world that has begun to find ways to work with our worker or work with us,” said Biden.

The president is electing part of the discussion in the most informative session of the day, centered on strategic challenges facing China and Russia in the United States. Habló on “modernizing our defense priorities to address future aggression, in addition to being invigorating in excess of hereditary systems designed to address past situations”.

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Biden has received eco of its comments this past week and classified the recent cybercrime in the federal agencies and states of the United States as a serious risk to the national security of the United States. Trump, on the other hand, remains important in the attack and contradicts the public comments of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the attack on Russia is a victory.

Biden spoke about the creation of coalitions to compete with China and make it responsible for the government of the country “for its commercial abuses, technology, human rights and other fronts.”

The presidential election also took center stage in the humanitarian crisis on the front lines of the United States and in the process of applying for asylum.

“We will establish human beings and orders. This means reconstructing the capacity we need to process security and speed up asylum seekers, without creating a crisis in short order in the midst of this deadly pandemic, ”said Biden.

The Trump administration has taken steps to make it clear that there are asylum seekers in the United States during his presidency.