BÉISBOL – Los Toros y su año mágico, rompen el hechizo de la SC

Pedro G. Briceño

No salary as favorites and on your initiative you will have a small amount of money, but in the rest of the truck you will be treated like a good and consistent Toros who will be converted into one of the best jams conformed to the history of the Dominican pelota.

Records by doquier, as in the pitch as in the offensive take on the Romanians to win all, with a solid foyer of 34-16 in the regular, which continued with a super 12-6 in the Round Robin, has to coronar his work with mark of 5-3 in the final that allows him to place the third crown in his 37 years of history.

In the collective register three rachas of the mines ocho triunfos, including one of 12 with which is despidieron in the regular. Winners who combine for a fair of 18-7, a player like Pete O´Brien, he has 9 seasons, 35 draws and 31 wins the mercieron collects the prize of Más Valioso, a Jordany Valdespín who wins a 20-20, wins and wins and there is a battery for a robust .340, with five irons.

Además from a Yamaico Navarro, who promoted .273, anotó 19 and empujó 18, otros heroic hicieron of the Toros simply a magic team in the 2019-20, as he did not find a Licey inspired pudo superarlo and levanton the trophy of champion.

Champions of the SC

Tras alcanzar, the champion, the Toros tuvieron the responsibility of representing the country in the Classic of the Caribbean in search of day in the past also years in which no lograban obtain the crown.

With a good salary team in Hiram Bithorn, Puerto Rico in search of the most extended period and can deliver the crown coriander 20 for Dominicans and first since the Escogido won in 2012 as local.

Rojas se une a Felipe

On the 22nd of this year, Luis Rojas was appointed to command the Mets and passes unite with his father Felipe Alou, Tony Peña, Luis Pujols, Manny Acta and Juan Samuel as the unique strategic strategists in the Grand Leagues.

To unite with Felipe in this position is converged on the sixth pair of fathers that he has in the Mayors. Su foja fue de 26-34 y quedó fuera de los playoffs. Have a week ratified to return this year.

MLB regress to the country

Just ahead of the pandemic lawsuit, it was allowed the Major Leagues to return to the Quisqueya Juan Marichal stadium, staged that on March 8, the premortal match between Detroit and Mellizos, although first and foremost, Boston and Astros play of electricity 2000.

The shock was won by the Mellizos 7-6 and in the match Miguel Sanó and Jorge Bonifacio pegaron jonrones. Nelson Cruz’s at 3.2

Minaya despedido

With the proposals Metros and through the purchase of this franchise by the part of the emperor Steve Cohen will change cambios in all areas, which includes the operational part and in this package is the Dominican Omar Minaya, who works as Special Assistant to the General Manager.

Minaya tuvo tres paradas diferentes como alto executive de ese conjunto, 1997-2002; 2004-10 and 2017, until 2020.

Las mujeres hacen historia

This year, however, the presence of first women in positions of no-nonsense was marked, as was the contract of Kim NJ as the first general manager of a Grand League franchise, in his case with the Marlins of Florida.

Kim NJ for many years as executive of other organizations like the New York Dodgers and Yankees will take up his first job in this position in 2021.

También los Gigantes contrataron a Alyssa Nakken y se convirtió en la primera mujer que es coach de un team de GL.

Las Menores recesaron

Product of the presence of the pandemic, no hub Leagues Minors is this year on the first occasion of. In these youths, the teams of the Major Leagues pay the proportions of their corresponding contracts.

Only a small number of people were killed on an alternate team species, but the rest were sent to their homes.

In addition, the most numerous player cancellations in the history of these leagues are being produced.


Other victims of Covid

DSL travel

The main laboratory of pilots of the main circuits of the United States was not celebrated for the first time since its founding in 1985.


Another circuit that closes its gates to the League of Verano in Mexico, having 40 quisqueyans without work.

The dark

Licey and Escogido quedaron eliminated and fired the “breakers” in the Quisqueya until my last October.