Because Yu Darvish’s exchange is aterrador for all the baseball

Twenty-two baseball teams have the opportunity to acquire one of the best lancers in the world for just a few lottery tickets, and only one jump on it. If the conglomerate of free agents this winter does not have a sufficient signal that the Major Leagues have an anticompetitive problem, Yu Darvish’s exchange with the San Diego Padres sends a clear record that the inauguration is not a problem on the campus .

The aggressiveness of the Padres to negotiate with Darvish and the ex-governor of Cy Young Blake Snell during a period of 24 hours contrasts radically with the large majority of the rest of the department, which has been paralyzed by a class of owners who exploit the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to record the nominee. The money was the factor that contributed to the Chicago Cubs, one of the most emblematic franchises of the sport, sending to Darvish, its best player in 2020, by one of the brothers Zach Davies and four prospects, three of them adolescents who have no tenido a turn to professional asset and one of 20 years with less than 300 in the league of newcomers.

Some critics about the compensation in the cambio are vacationing with a much deeper concern about why a judge of the Darvish class suffered a relative misery. The response to this raises a number of issues that should be addressed by game administrators: the complacency shown by franchisees; the Pandora’s caja of playoffs ampliados; the mal aspect of all the teams with major mayors in the game practicing some version of austerity simultaneously, and the combined effects in the labor relations with a collective agreement at least one year of his revenge.