Bear offense does something Chicago has not achieved in 55 years

The Bears offense struggled to kick off the 2020 NFL season. Mitch Trubisky was on the bench, Nick Foles was started, and then Trubisky was below center again.

Head coach Matt Nagy even handed over the call to attacking coordinator Bill Lazor.

But the Bears have won three consecutive games and click the offense, and we can venture to say that the Bears have an offensive identity that works.

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And against the Jaguars, the Bears did something a Chicago offense has not done since 1965.

They scored 30 points in four consecutive games.

The last time Chicago did that was in 1965 … George Halas coached the team back then. It was also Gale Sayers’ rookie season.

Although the Bears offense is still not the perfect one, and they have played some bad teams at this time, it is definitely noteworthy that they figured things out at the right time.

Aside from the changing playing field, the Bears took the run and skewed the offense in the direction of Trubisky’s strong points, except that they made some changes against an attacking line that struggled.

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