Balance Diet: The Invalid Tips to Follow

Llevar una balanced diet is essential to maintain a good health and adequate weight, but can you choose one if you have no idea how to get it?

“In the future everything will be famous for 15 minutes” says Andy Warhol. Y how much is the world of las diets for weight loss o ser más sanos, is appearing not to be the exception …

You can next time … First año revela las diet Mayor tends to base on Google search volumes. And although there is a hecho that diets like the keto, el ayuno intermitente and the paleo, standing at 5/15 minutes of fama at the moment captivating the first places of the lists, is a reality that the healthy diet are and are one of the preferred searches by users on the platforms and with them, the characteristics of a diet correct that is usually related to terms like balancing or balancing.

What is the hypercaloric diet

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What is the Correct Diet?

Follow the site OMENT (Mexican Observatory of Transmitters No Transmissions) a Dieta Correcta (including for women odian make diet) is what you buy the necessary nutrients for it to function appropriately. Debe complement with characteristic features: varied including different foods of different groups, finish who can do all the groups, sufficient which combines the optimal proportions for following the ingesta recommendations, adequate to all its characteristics (age, sex, economic situation …), inokua that it is referred to that it should not be given as a matter of hygiene (as abarca des limpieza hasta hygiene al comer, es decir que no comas compulsivamente o te atiborres) y balancing or balancing it is said that it contributes to protein, grass and carbs in the necessary proportions (10 to 35%, 20 to 35% and from 45 to 65% respectively that are AMDRs established by the National Academy of Sciences of the EU). In addition, it is necessary to accompany a hydrated approach approximately 2 liters a day and avoid the sugars, saturated grasses and rich products in soda. It is not only the one that comes, but also the quality and the form in which it works.

What type of foods should be included in each group?

Each country has its classification suitable for its population, in Mexico it is divided into 3 and within them there are other subgroups that are certainly known to the Plato del Bien Comer:

  • Fruits and Verdurs: todas and preference that are fresh, with caskara or fiber.

  • Cereals and Tubercles: are the refined cereals (processed and avoided) or the whole (with fiber or fiber, which preferred) that its products are derived from corn, trio, avena, sorghum, centeno, etc. more tubercles. In our country, the father and the camel and other countries like Colombia are the yuca.

  • Vegetables and Products from Origen Dier: the first ones include the vegetable proteins: soy and derivatives, frijol, lenteja, garbanzo, habas … and in the following deberán include the lean carbs or whites (chicken, fish …), the horses and the lizards without lice and baits in grass.

What can and can not be done with a mixed diet?

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Hablando de las calorías…

For an adult the promed son 2000 on the day. Burden Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest a range of 1800 up to 2400 kcal for sedentary women or activities and from 2000 up to 3200 kcal for men, tmb with these levels of physical activity between the ages of 14 and 30. Gente activa burgemeester de 30 deberán comer entre 2000 a 3000 kcal y los sedentarios entre 1600 y 2400. Trata de cubrir elorte con Calorias que te nutran y no de las vacías, que son las que tienen por eg golosinas, los refreshcos y demás foods that do not have a good source of nutrients and excess are a risk.

The 7 necessary components for a balanced diet salueerbaar.

  1. 1

    Carbohydrates: son tu primer brandbaar para realizar tus actividades. It contains 4 calories per gram. The hay complexes and the simple ones.

  2. 2

    Protein: forman, crecen y reparan tus tejidos. In accordance with the amino acids of the 12 foods can be synthesized by the body and 8 essentials that need to be consumed in the diet. It also contains 4 kcal / g.

  3. 3

    Grasa: 1g te aportará 9 kcal, seran tu energia de reserva, ayudarán a proteger tus organs internos y mantener tu corpora tempera. Avoid as much as possible the saturated grasses that help to disintegrate chronic diseases.

  4. 4

    Vitamins: its organic foods that intervene in many of the reactions in our body, from those that have been shown by the immune system to help us grow. Las hooi lipo o hidrosolubles.

  5. 5

    Minerals: its elemental substances that we acquire through the foods and have structural functions (for example the calcium in houses), regulators (soda and potassium in the balance of liquidity or muscle contraction) to mention some.

  6. 6

    Fiber: It is found in vegetables (fruits, herbs, cereals, legumes and grains) and is classified into 2 types: the soluble which reduces the vacancy of the stomach, absorbs slowly and helps to reduce glucose or cholesterol levels in blood and the insoluble step intact to traverse of our gastrointestinal tract and accelerate motility.

  7. 7

    Water: It is an indispensable nutrient that even if it does not contain calories interferes with the Majority of the corporal functions, in addition to lubricating, regulates the temperature and favors the distribution of other nutrients. Alrededor del 20% del agua que obtenemos es a travers de la comida.

Foods to avoid:

The processes, refined grains, those that have been added to the sugar (check the new label that identifies them), red carnations and processes, alcohol, saturated and trans grains.

Tips for balancing between comidas según Select My board de la USDA.

  • At the very least, your plate should be removed from fruits or vegetables, 1/4 of cereals or tubercles and the rest of the protein is sea animal or vegetable.

  • In terms of the cereals school the ones that are 100% integral or large.

  • Always school lactose without the grass in grass and in the case of which no comas buscha some substitute as soy or almond for but sean enriquecidos.

  • Prefiere la animal protein weight loss 2 days must be fished.

  • Avoid posters or posters and mete saludables as fruit.

  • Search creative preparations with small grass, try new platelets and control your intake to reduce your calories.