Authorities identifying the author of the Nashville explosion and saying that he left his remains at the detonation site | News Univision United States

“I agree with the evidence we hold at this point in connection with the conclusion that an individual named Anthony Warner was the cause of the bombing. Don Cochran.

Authorities determine the identity of the detonation authority with the evidence collected in the logarithm and the DNA that can be recovered. For the moment, the motive for Warner’s presumably producing the explosion is unknown.

“During the night, the forces process the evidence of the location of the explosion, which was compared with evidence recovered in the vehicle used by the ‘person of interest’ in this case. the forces confirm that the DNA found in the two lanes corresponds to the “person of interest” in this case “, on behalf of the director of the state’s investigation office, David Rausch, at the press conference.

Warner has been identified in advance in the day as being a ‘person of interest’ related to the explosion, which killed three herdsmen and quantitatively gave the bill to Governor Bill Lee, issued a statement of dismay to help run for president Donald Trump.

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