Author of Nashville bomb blast | International

Police and the FBI are investigating Anthony Quinn Warner's case.
Police and the FBI are investigating Anthony Quinn Warner’s case.Terry Wyatt / AFP

Anthony Quinn Warner was responsible for the explosion that struck the Nashville (Tennessee) city center during the Christmas season, and he informed the police about the man, who was 63 years old and failed. FBI investigators find the site of the explosion, which killed three people at the grave, human remains that have been linked to Warner’s DNA to certify that the suspicious car was parked inside the caravan that exploded on the album this 25th. December.

This past Saturday, as the FBI’s police met in Warner’s Antioch hut, 15 kilometers from where the explosion took place, to record the location and deal with the weapons of the most recent attacks. According to his testimonies, Warren, who has not been married, has been living with his progenitors for some time, until 2011 when he failed his father and finally had to live alone with a house close to his mother, Betty Christine Lane, who was informed the diary The Washington Post can not be located to comment on the subject.

According to public records, Warner obtained a permit to operate explosives in November 2013, but was issued in November 2016. In 1993 and 1998 he became a licensed installer. According to the vecinos, Warner was an obsessive solitary type, due to various varieties, the only theme of which hablaba — and rarely — with its vecinos. A couple of weeks ago, Warner saw a large escalator installing an antenna in the floor of his house. Observing with the technology and hecho of what is being used to spy and monitor North Americans, Warner has installed security cameras around his hogar.

According to the FBI, all the people contacted to investigate who Warner was coincidental with being an electronics specialist with recalls have the 5G technology, informing various local cadences. Investigators believe that Warner suffers from paranoia in relation to this technology, which he encounters with one of the possible motivations for the attack to take place in front of the AT&T telecommunication company. Warren’s objective was to maximize the potential for telecommunications in the area, as well as logos, which had no telephone service and could be a good part of the city.

Three people will be admitted to the hospital, but their lives will not be completed. The police have also confirmed that an indeterminate number of persons were transferred to police dependencies to be interrogated. The explosion produced a large column of humus that flowed from various points of view and resumed the sales of certain editions.

While confirming the motive for the attack that cost the life of the perpetrator, he lied about what appeared to be the caravan implication that Warner wanted to produce chaos in the communications, according to Frank Figliuzzi, former FBI antitrust deputy director, on the police program matutino de los domingos Face The Nation. “I believe that this is a sign of attention and opinion for all about the vulnerability of our infrastructures when an individual can produce this data,” concluded Figliuzzi.