AT&T makes ‘significant progress’ to repair Nashville network hub after major explosion

AT&T said on Sunday that it was making significant progress in its efforts to restore customer service in Nashville, Tennessee, after an explosion on Christmas morning severely damaged its facility in the city.

An update from the company posted on its website indicated that cleanup crews were still pumping water from the lower floors of the facility, which suffered heavy damage after an RV exploded outside the building on Friday, according to authorities. was ‘intentional act’.

“We are bringing in additional resources to support the repair of voice and data services for wired lines and expect to have a fleet of 24 additional disaster recovery equipment trailers on site by the end of the day,” the company said in a statement. said.

“We continue to assess the damage to the facility and have confirmed that the building’s commercial power connections are damaged and offline,” the statement said.

The Tennessean reported that several first-response agencies, including Nashville’s police department, used AT&T as their commercial service provider and took down the phone service Friday when the blast occurred. AT&T has deployed a number of mobile cellular service towers to provide service in the city as it works to restore the company’s normal capabilities.

Interruptions have been reported in Tennessee for days. Some reported returning to service, while others still had slow or no access to the company’s network.

State and federal agencies are working together to investigate the blast, but have not yet released any information on a suspect or motive for the blast.

Federal agents searched a home in Antioch, Tennessee, on Saturday in connection with the blast.