At LA Hospital, there are so many COVID-19 patients being placed in the gift shop

To make room for all the COVID-19 patients at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles, staff have found a way to get more people in for treatment: they place their gurneys in the gift shop, chapel and conference. room.

There are already five tents outside the hospital to help with overflow. Dr. Hospital CEO Elaine Batchlor told CNN that employees were ‘incredibly skilled and flexible in accommodating the growing number of patients’, but if the pace continues, they will have to start thinking about whether to take care of their ration. This, she said, is something “that we really only need to think about.”

In the past seven days, Los Angeles County has reported 100,000 new cases of coronavirus, and Barbara Ferrer, director of public health in LA County, said Monday that the “sad reality is that all indicators show us that our situation can only get worse. if we start in 2021. ” Batchlor told CNN that although patients will not be discharged from her hospital, it may soon come to the point that ‘we who are called in the battlefield triage techniques use an assessment of each person’s needs and prediction and the use of scarce resources with patients likely to benefit from it. “

COVID-19 hospitalizations in the United States reached a record high on Monday, with 121,235 patients in the hospital, the Covid Tracking Project said. Looking at data published by the Department of Health and Human Services on Monday, CNN found that about 40 percent of all patients in the intensive care unit in the country had COVID-19 in the past week, compared to 16 percent at the end of September, 22 percent in late October, and 35 percent in late November.

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