AstraZeneca has agreed to 100% protection against covid-19

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The British Pharmaceutical Group AstraZeneca aseguró haber encontrado, tras additional investigations, “the winning formula” for their vacancy against the covid-19 developed with the Oxford University, about what the British regulator should pronounce in the next days.

“Creemos que hemos encadrado la formula ganadora y cómo lograr une efficien que, con dos dos, es alta com la la las demas”, verklaar die direktor-generaal Pascal Soriot, en el Sunday Times, y añadió que su vacuna aseguraba una “100% protection” against covid-19 grave forms.

Provisional results of clinical trials on a large scale in the United Kingdom and Brazil, the British Laboratory announced in November that its vacancy had a media efficiency of 70% in front of more than 90% of those Pfizer / BioNTech and Modern.

There will be large differences between these different results between the different protocols: the efficiency is 90% for the volunteers who receive the dose at the first dose, leave a complete dose one month later, but only 62% for another group evacuated with complete doses.

These results have been widely criticized for making an error in media injection, although a relatively small group followed this protocol. Luego, the company announced that its vacancy required “additional study”.

La vacuna Oxford / AstraZeneca hope with impeccability because it is relatively barren and does not need to be maintained at a temperature as free as the Pfizer / BioNTech, for example, which should be maintained at -70 degrees.

This facility facilitates large scale evacuation and geriatric care

The United Kingdom is the first Western country to start injecting Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine into December principles. Now account with this second vacancy of Oxford / AstraZeneca to gain impulse and fine tune the increase of cases attributed to its territory by the new coronavirus variant.

In front of this mutation, “we think at the moment that the vaccine should be effective”, indicates Pascal Soriot. “But we can be sure that we will have some proof”.

I will make sure that new versions are prepared for them, hoping that no one will read them: “There are preparations”.

The governor of the United Kingdom is the school that has presented the complete dates of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vacancy to the United Kingdom governor, the MHRA. According to the British press, it should finally be pronounced in the closest days, with the aim of inyectarla to part of the 4th of January.