“Así es como mueren los negros … cuando los envías a casa”; failure doctor to denounce discrimination in EU

La afroamericana Susan Moore coronavirus inferno, in a video denounced that you can rogar medical attention adecuada en un Indiana Hospital and days after failure.

“No jam in this hospital”, dijo in a video, with a tube of oxygen connected to his nariz. “It is not as if we were treating patients”. For 52 years, ingested by Covid-19 in the Indiana University Health North Hospital y murió a causa del virus esta semana. ‘N Principios van die beste, openbare video en Facebook para compartir que crêie que no establisha recibiendo médica médica adecuada porque era afroestadounidense, indica CBS.

Moore has a film about a bed and his relationship with his experience. Dijo que su médico le resto importanza a sus syntomas y le dijo: “Ni siquiera te falta el aire”, menciona CNN.

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“Sí, me hace falta”, Moore said in the video, which he shared on Facebook on December 4. The woman must be able to receive the receipt.

Mention that the specialist says that the powder will be sent to the home and will not feel comfortable giving more medicines. “I feel like I’m addicted to drugs,” he said in the video. “And I think you’re a doctor.”

She describes the arduous battle that took over receiving medical treatment and nurses in the hospital, which included taking antiviral drugs, hoping to receive analgesic treatment and requiring a computerized tomography of his or her home. Through the evaluation, dijo, continuous hopeful times to receive analgesics.

In the final of several days there were high altitudes, but over the course of complications regressed to a hospital less than 12 hours later, from failure. “Así es como mueren los negros”, she says. “When the mandates fall and there is no room for complacency”.

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Dennis M. Murphy, president and executive director of Indiana University Health, defensive aspect of the treatment techniques that Moore received, although admitting “that it is possible that we did not demonstrate the level of composition and respect for what we try to understand them import to patients “. I also made an external audit of the case. A postman declared that “we are very serious about them accusations of discrimination “We’re investigating all charges,” CNN reported.

CBS records that the black teen stands 4.7 times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid-19 that the whites, and three times the most likely to die from the virus.

Following a page created in GoFundMe, to cover the guests of his family, the 19-year-old Moore, Henry Muhammed, had to face his death and the dementia of his parents.

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“Susan was a phenomenal doctor”, said the organizers of the donation in a communication. “The encyclopedia practices medicine … the encyclopedia helps the people and does not discredit them”.

The hospital reacted in a communication: “We are very sad to hear about the death of doctor Susan Moore and our hearts are with his friends and relatives (…) As a compromise organization with the equality and reduction of racial disparities in the medical attention, we take very seriously the allegations of discrimination and we investigate each allegation. los días “.

A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine attributes the disparate treatise to “perverting racist cultural practices and practices.” The text quotes another 2016 study that found that the meeting of white-collar medical students and residents “tithes infused with the intrinsic biological differences between blacks and whites”, falsely believing that the pain of black patients blancos.

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