Así despide Arturito (La papa de papel) este fatídico 2020

2020 llega a su fin, para alivio de muchos. Although there is always a summary analyzing the good and the bad of this year, on this occasion there is a special cariz, due to the coronavirus pandemic. A year for olvidar, si no … ¡Qué se lo digan a Arturito! The director of ‘La papa de papel’ has also announced a 2020 move.

Netflix has a comedy with a video, a perfectionist, como has been this fatídico 2020 with scenes of the character of Enrique Arce in the exitosa fiction created by Álex Pina, from como 2020 comenzó por todo lo alto y como en marzo, mes in that the word ‘confinement’ was read all over the world, there was a continuous descent to the infants.

However, the video shows the desires of this 2021 season (less for Arturito). It is true that this year it is also the one of the despatch, then the fifth and last time of ‘La papa de papel’ will be trained. Finally, the bank of the bank of Spain will be removed.

Little is known about the final timeline of ‘La papa de papel’. Según verklaar Álex Pina as Entertainment Weekly, the last episodes will be “an authentic party of adherence”, in which he has “a war strategy: attack and content”. Part 5 will feature a total of 10 episodes, with a duration of one of them and, in addition, includes two starring characters: Patrick Criado and Miguel Ángel Silvestre.