Armando Manzanero fue un mujeriego?

Armando Manzanero has a wife's story about his romances!

Armando Manzanero fue un mujeriego ¡Lo que sabe de sus romances !. (Photo: Armando Manzanero-Instagram)

Mexican songwriter Armando Manzanero has two different types of amorous life. The realm of romanticism is the cascade and the furnace of matrimony, proclaiming them that they will fulfill the essential part of their life.

Manzanero’s first love was when he was 15 years old with María Elena Arjona Torres, also the mother of four of his wives.

In an interview with “Engaged Stories”, Manzanero said that his novel with Maria Elena Arjona was made years ago, because history was sad, degrading.

“I am very happy (this novice) because I live in an era where I have no desire to be able to know, when I am with him, who establishes three quarters of the house of Mary Elena, tenia he is with the father, with the mother, a veces la hermana y de repente una que otra tía o la abuela ”.

During these years, Manzanero’s musical career is on the rise. In that epoch conjugation to Angélica María, who gave him an iconic song: “Eddy Eddy”, the first that grabbed Manzanero.

In the middle of this ascending success, for 1972, Armando Manzanero pony ends in this love story, 15 years ago.

“It ends because one likes the relationship very much”, says Mónica Garza, but the name María Elena says to Mónica that she is female.

“If I had my husband committed to my first matrimony I would not give him a debt due to the limitations that the tenor had with what he was living in until he could be in an environment like this. I love descent. It’s one of the things that no one is going to be able to answer, I do not have the interest and the ability to decide: here I quedo (…) me hubiera gustado, como a lotes gentes, cumplir 50 años con María Elena ”.

It was the same year, it happened to Cristina Blum, who had a relationship with the XEW on a television program. With Cristina not only Tuvan to Juan Pablo Manzanero, we are also occupied by the friends Rodrigo and Mainca that Manzanero tuviera with a Peruvian model.

Casi 20 years later, a separate decision was taken immediately to find out that, in agreement with Pati Chapoy, he was very close to Blume.

Tere Papiol trabajaba en un banco con las cuentas de él y de Cristina Blum. To Pati Chapoy, Tere was very physically visible to Blum, with whom he had a matrimony between 91 and 98.

In 2000, the composer was married to Olga Aradillas, who, four years later, divorced, was sued for domestic violence. Armando Manzanero has no complaints.

Pesar de todo, Manzanero finds and casts his new love, Gloria Caballero.

Although the romance was officially unveiled in early 2009, by the middle of this year, the couple had been dating on TV. Notes to end their relationship, otherwise, would be a “happy forever”.

Without embarrassment, after his death, Armando manzanero lost his life to Laura Elena Villa, who accompanied him during the time he was interned by Covid and was informed of the pressure on his health.