Armado con un kuchillo un hombre assesina a siete personas in China

A man armed with a handgun attached to a person and hired the same number at home in a newspaper in the north of China, for reasons of discord, according to state communication media.

The tragedy occurred this morning in the Kaiyuan shores in Liaoning province, informed the Xinhua agency.

The aggressor hired people and hired other aunts in order to have an “indiscriminate attack”, while he was detained by the police in front of a building facility, agreed to the crime.

If an investigation is carried out to determine the circumstances of this drama, indicates the Kaiyuan Public Security Office in a collegiate communication on the social network Weibo (equivalent to Twitter in China).

The attacks with the bullet are very frequent in China, due to the lack of other arms to feed in a country where it is not possible to bring the fugitives to the common citizens.

For the general, this type of assessments are perpetuated in cigars, with personal finals, by people who act as victims of justice and seek revenge on society.

In February 2019, an individual who suspects that he was exposing the infamous, assassinated and killed people and hired others in a newspaper in the province of Gansu (northeast).

Asimismo, in April 2018, another individual took to new secondary school students saliun of his institute in the province of Shaanxi (north), and hired in other 12. The young man, 28 years old, declared that action for revenge has taken place victim of acoso when studying in the same college.