Arjona and other celebrities of lament music the part of Armando Manzanero – Prensa Libre

Arjona and other celebrities of lament music the part of Armando Manzanero

He has an algunas de las reacciones:

– “Maestro, maestro, maestro. Never intended in the physics of the things, as cabia in a man tan pequeño one of the larger men that conoque. Musas, estuvieron seempre todas contigo. In the rest, we quedo resolve with the ques that quedaron libres. Our ultimate encounter with master piano, new songs and that inalienable tennis game. You want to live in your songs. I embrace your family and your Mexico love, ”wrote Ricardo Arjona.

– “Thanks for showing, generation after generation, that magic exists. I understand that you can change the world to a song in the future. I will always live in my heart, in our Mexico and in all the places where your music is ”, published next to a video featuring together his compatriot Alejandro Fernández.

– “ADORO, LACHE EN QUE NOS CONOCIMOS … Maestro Armando Manzanero. There are my admiration and respect ”, the Spanish rapper Raphael wrote on Twitter accompanying a photo of both.

– “Amado Armando Manzanero, with this immeasurable song of my memory and my courage, will nevertheless… always be pleased with the advice and good Charles… PAZ”, said the Venezuelan Ricardo Montaner, refereed to “Te extraño”, which interprets a duo with the master.

– “Very sad with his party. If we were a rey of music. Descanse en paz maestro ”, said the poor Ricky Martin.

– “Today we have the huge Armando Manzanero. One of the great American composers and performers. Hombre of convictions and a superior musicality. (…) Alma edele y bellísima persona. I live with those inexplicable moments that will forever remain within my memory and my heart. Viva Armando Manzanero! “, Posted on Instagram the Argentine Fito Paez shared a photo of both people working on it.

– “Today we have the master #ArmandoManzanero. A gigantic talent, male bewonderenswaardig that with his music and his lyrics was an inspiration to many of us. In the midst of the sadness of his party’s appreciation of the bending of his musical legacy. Thank you for being a master ”, wrote the neo-York-Puerto Rican Marc Anthony on Twitter.

– “Thank you maestro! All your songs are the protagonists of my lovers. Thank you for your love and sobriety for teaching so many tunes of Colombian music. We are spending our time in Merida. Manzanero forever! “, Tuiteó el colombiano Carlos Vives.

– “Me quedé con las ganas, mi querido Maestro Armando Manzanero… (…) Siempre extrañaré cantar juntos y desbocarnos en el scenario, en ese unico lugar donde no teníamos limite (…) ¿Sabe una cosa, Maestro? The music without you will not be the same because love has lost its greatest inspiration ”, writes the Mexican Susana Zabaleta, who during the years made turns with her, in an extension post on Facebook.

– “The music itself is lute one more time. The Master Armando Manzanero despises the artifice of the romantic song, genius of the gewild music. His musical legacy will be framed to liven up his record. Good morning Maestro! “, Tuiteó el puertorriqueño Gilberto Santa Rosa.

– “Observed over the death of Armando Manzanero. No puedo creerlo. Querido maestro… jamás olvidaré tu cariño y nuastra ultima actuación juntos ”, dijo on Twitter el español Pablo Alborán, uno de los ultimos artistas actuo con él en la entree of los Billboard en Miami en octubre.

– “Anoche nos dejó #ArmandoManzanero. Our teachers adore the most beautiful manners. Thank you for your live music and for your music. Descansa en paz, no te olvidaremos ”, posted on Instagram the Spanish Alejandro Sanz.

– “Armando Manzanero, Recipient of the Award for Musical Excellence and Latin Grammy Gamer, in addition to the Academy’s great friend, we have it. We celebrate our life and work. Onherstelbare pérdida para el mundo de la música latina. We support the Manzanero family in its deepest spirit, ”said the Latin Academy of Grabación.