Argentina, list to apply the Russian Sputnik V vaccine

(CNN Español) – The governor of Argentina announced in his official speeches that the evacuation against covid-19 (with the Sputnik V) would be carried out in the health of all the countries.

The vacancies will take place in the country on December 24. These are the first doses of a group of between 55 and 60 million developed by various laboratories with which the Argentine governing body is negotiating and receiving between December and July.

One of those who received the Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus was the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof. “Here is the principle of the end of the pandemic in Argentina. Orgulloso de haber puesto el hombro ”, he wrote on his Twitter account.

Last week, Argentina received the first 300,000 doses, of those between 55 and 60 million with those compared between December and July. In this first instance, the antigen will be applied to the health staff of large urban conglomerates, according to the sanitary map.

The vacancies will take place around 8,000 centers throughout the country, in agreement with President Alberto Fernández and the governors of the 24 jurisdictions in a teleconference held on Saturday. Including some provinces like San Juan, La Rioja and Tierra del Fuego, there are military regiments that operate as evacuation centers, confirmed the Minister of Defense, Agustín Rossi, en verklaar ‘n Radio AM 750.

Rossi agrees: “We will be in conditions of evacuation to 5 million Argentines per month”.

The first doses of the Sputnik V are distributed between the home and Monday in all the provinces in specially refrigerated and custodian trucks. Buenos Aires, the province where most cases have been reported and the most populous of the countries, is the one that received the mayor’s dose: 123,000. The Santa Fe series with 24,100, the City of Buenos Aires with 23,100 and Córdoba with 21,900, agreed with the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

Distribution of the Sputnik V vaccine

According to the Argentine Ministry of Health, the disproportionate distribution of accords with the medical and health facilities centers, with priority given to sanitary personnel.

In this sense, in this first instance the vacancy is applied to the health staff of large urban conglomerates, especially those working in intensive therapies and those that develop mayoral activities and exhibitions.

In a second instance, the vacancy will be directed to the adults of 70 years and over, and the mayors residing in geriatrics. Luego, continuing with the mayors for 60 years; after all, members of the Armed Forces, Security and Staff of Penitentiary Services; followed by a group of 18 to 59 years with risk factors. All this population, according to the governor, is 14 million and means people.

Free per obligatory

The vaccine will be free, but not obligatory, and will be applied Independently of the previous person having the disease. This line of general lineages, each jurisdiction organizes the evacuation into its territory, which the President “promises to be the greatest of modern country history”.

According to the official Telecom agency, the Ministry of Health insists that Argentina and company have contracts to receive 51 million and mid-dose, which will allow us to evacuate 26 million people.

These figures include 20 million doses of Sputnik V for the evacuation of 10 million people, including contracts with AstraZeneca for more than 20 million doses and with the Covax Fund of the World Health Organization.

The Argentine governor, in addition, has confirmed negotiations with other laboratories such as Pfizer and Janssen, among others.