Argentina launches immunization for COVID-19 with Russian vaccine

Daniela Osorio
Agencia Latina de Noticias Medicina y Salud Pública

As mentioned above, in the United States, the mass eviction process with the various pharmacies impulsed by various laboratories is underway.

One week ago the process of initiating immunization in South America was the first to start this process in Chile, with an estimated 11,000 doses for administering at first health professionals who are in the territory of the cadence area. so strong altasim, assimismo is estimated that for the proximas semanas lleguen al pais otra cantidad aansienlike de la cura.

Now the turn is for Argentina to host the Vacation against the COVID-19 initiated on the 29th of December at the Hospital Posada of the Province of Tucuman, Argentina. If the pharmacy is administered by the first doctor of the area of ​​intensive therapy, Dr. Francisco Traverso used the medicine on the sputnik v, coming from Russia, this evacuation process was carried out in the company of the Minister of Health Jinez Gonzales Garcia and the Deputy Minister Carla Vizz .

Immunological process

As we will explain the process of effective immunization and the preservation of the pharmacy through the adequacy and knowledge of all the remedies to be able to have total disposition of the property and by the security of the administration.

As announced by the OMS and following the same protocol of prioritization the evacuation process has a first line of attention to health personnel where to meet: Karina de la Iglesia – jefe de enfermeras, Marcia Pozzatti – Bióloga Molecular, Fabian I- Médico Specialist in Pediatrics, Laura Fuentes – Kinesiologa and Alberto Anias – Jefe Camillero, all members of Adjerish Hospital.

Pilot test

To be able to count on a level of efficiency in the pharmacy, it is evaluated at a first moment of the level of efficiency, in this case the level of safety in the assessment that you have a favorable result and for this reason a procedure with the evacuation process massive.

It is hoped that in the near future it will continue with this immunological process in South American territory.

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