Apex Legends’ new noir-themed Pathfinder video is perhaps the best short ever

If you’ve ever wondered what Pathfinder’s life was like before the Apex Games, Respawn Entertainment now has the answer. The game’s latest Stories from the Outlands video, called Fight Night, is about the murderous and cheerful robot and gives us an idea of ​​where he came from and what he did between his creation and his arrival in Apex Legends.

Although it’s mostly about Pathfinder, Fight Night’s real main character is a former agent named Victor Maldera, who now works as a security guard and amateur detective. Victor was dishonorably discharged from the Malta Police Force after the closing of his final case. The case revolved around a tragic fire at Humbert Labs. Malta police considered the fire an accident, but Victor believed it was caused by Alexander Nox.

When the coroner announces that Nox was among the victims of the fire, Victor attacks him and he is fired from the police force. Years later, when he worked as a security guard, he is still looking for Nox, who he believes is alive. Naturally sharp-eyed Apex Legends fans will recognize Nox – whether by name or hairstyle – as none other than Caustic, one of the game’s original legends, so we know Victor’s on the right track.

Caustic from Apex Legends in the Fight Night Stories from the Outlands short

Image: Respawn Entertainment / EA Games

One night, just as Victor has stopped his search for Nox, he runs into Pathfinder, who works as a waiter at a restaurant. After an accident in which a customer accidentally shoots, Victor grabs Pathfinder and tries to interrogate him, only to see a video file of Caustic escape from the fire of Humbert Labs, thus proving that he set it up and that Victor the was right all the time.

Also among these memory files we see small snippets important Apex Legends stories like Revenant who killed Loba’s parents. There’s also a short clip from the creator of Pathfinder that explains that he’s designed to discover new worlds like the Outlands – which is a French scientist and which Wattson may have.

It’s not worth spoiling the action that follows, but in the end we see what happened to Pathfinder and what appears to be the beginning of his journey to the Apex Games.

This trailer is pretty heavy running and seems to connect Pathfinder with many of the other legends participating in the Apex Games. But it is not entirely clear whether or not we can expect this Stories from the Outlands shortage to connect directly to any upcoming content. Maybe Victor, who is an amateur boxer in his spare time, will make his way to the Apex Games? But even if he does not, Fight Night is still one of Apex Legends best animated pants ever.