Antigen tests do not describe the possibility of contact with COVID in the position of Pedro Pierluisi

The antigen tests to detect the COVID-19 -que el gobernador electo Pedro Pierluisi require one of the 400 invited to his job – without his trust as the molecules (PCR) and you can swap between 10% and 20% of false positives.

Among 400 guests, this percentage of impression can be given to the margin for which, at least, one of the contagious persons, per sin sinomas, participates in this event this Saturday, explained the doctor Fernando Cabanillas. A person with the virus can contract, in medicine, in other cases.

Moreover, considering that in Puerto Rico there is a 3% prevalence of asymptomatic individuals, with the virus, “12 people will be exposed” in the law, which reduces the number of antigenic strains.

“It is logical that the tests are performed, but the question is actually what is being tested and with which to anticipate, because one has done the week before and in that week one has been contagious”, says the doctor.

“That which is the number of the test as it presents the invitees. If it is a test of antigens, it is actually a molecular test (PCR), which is more reliable than the test of antigens. If it is indeed a test of antigens, the probabilities of having a false negative are more important than having a molecular test ”, aggregate.

The Miracles, the Secretary of Salud, Lorenzo González, avaló the position of Pierluisi’s position. “These are all people who have been involved in this type of activity, educating, conscientious, reconciling people and being able to generate a response,” he said.

Cabanillas agrees that there is no reason for Pierluisi to invite “aunts” to his position. “Means more people, more possibilities of contact”, recalculated.

The designated secretary of Salud, Carlos Mellado, was not available to comment. Mientras, the press release of Pierluisi, Sheila Angleró, indicates, to the questions of El Nuevo Día, that the proof that it is required that every guest should be paid for it.

Además, dijo que la prueba debe haberse hecho, “según lo establecen los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades”, 72 hours before the event, to be celebrated in the north of the Capitol.