Anthony Quinn Warner is identified as the Nashville striker

(CNN) – Authorities identified Anthony Quinn Warner as the Nashville attacker after comparing his DNA with the remains found in the scene of the explosion.

“We read the conclusion that an individual named Anthony Warner is the attacker. Estaba presents when the bomb and the wall lie », said Don Cochran, Federal Fiscal District of the Tennessee Central District, during a press conference last night.

The DNA of the scene was compared to that of Warner by forensic analysts, said Tennessee Director of Investigation David Rausch at the press conference.

Warner, 63, of the city of Antioch, Tennessee, identified himself as an interested person in the investigation into the explosion of a recreational vehicle in the center of Nashville the Manana de Navidad. The explosion took decades of editions, made it to three people and killed the AT&T mobile service in Nashville and its surroundings.

There were no indications that he had been involved in any of the killings and that the motive had not been determined, said Douglas Korneski, the FBI’s special agent for the Memphis campus officer.

During a press conference, Korneski declined to comment when asked if the explosion could be considered internal terrorism.

Forensic analysts from the FBI’s Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, in the Tennessee Investigation Office compared the DNA of the scene with the Warner explosion, Dijo Korneski.

A vehicle identification number of the casing cascade also coincides with Warner, detached.

Korneski said that any person who had known Warner had agreed with the FBI to contact investigators to establish a motive.

“These are not read quickly”, commented. “Although it is possible that we will respond to some of their questions … none of their answers will be sufficient for those affected by this event.”

When a periodical the Warner asked, he was predominantly on the police radar, Rausch said: “No, he’s not here.”

The powder investigators will locate DNA samples with Warner quickly because the powder will collect DNA from family members, says Korneski.

Authorities previously said that Warner’s remains were located at the site of the explosion, and that several employees had been asked to contact the police direct investigation team, which had been working with CNN on condition of anonymity.

The FBI has also reunited with Warner’s case DNA, which will begin reviewing the issue, including its sources.

CNN intends to contact the family member of Warner pero no ha recibido respuesta.

The authorities are continuing their investigation into the explosion of the Navy that is taking another gulf to a city that its alcove said it had “its most difficult”.

This is the result of heralds in the explosion of the four temples and decades of edificios resultaron dañados. But authorities say more than a dozen people have been killed in the rapid response by six police officers who evacuated residents after a scavenger hunt near the house began to warn that the vehicle would explode in minutes.

This is exactly what succession is all about. The explosion would cause changes, wind blows and the whole line of frames, windows and shutters in llamas.

This is what we know right now.

Watch the message from the casa house antant to explode 1:44

What he sued

The police say there is a whitewashing barracks and square on 2nd Avenue North in downtown Nashville at 1:22 am (2:22 am Miami time) on Wednesday. More late, tuitearon a vehicle image.

Various times, however, a resident in the area of ​​the day who is despairing with what is known as “an automatic weapon”.

When I heard the sound again, it was called 911. The police confirmed that they had been called to the house after a report of disturbances around 5:30 am

When agents respond to the scene, they find a blank station wagon parked in front of an AT&T transmission that repeatedly emits an advertisement that will trigger an explosion in 15 minutes, according to police.

A computerized warning to residents that “evacuate now” recorded the test.

Nashville Police Agents Involved in the Last Response to Reporters’ Domination by Monday, The Gravity Change Trabajaban to Evacuate Residents of the Surveys, Giving a Thirty-Minute Advertisement and Talking to the 1964 Song Clark.

The explosion occurred at 06:30

Authorities search a house after the explosion

The public records show that Warner owned a house on Bakertown Road in Antioch on November 25, 2020, when he issued a statement of intent to sell the house to a woman.

Federal investigators are investigating at the scene the “conducting court-ordered activities”, told CNN by FBI spokesman Jason Pack.

Bomb technicians will inspect the case to ensure that the fire brigade is safe before entering, informs Pack, but does not confirm who lives in this direction.

A date about the vehicle involved in the explosion took the agents to the Bakertown Road box office, revealed an CNN order agent.

A case in place in Google Streetview in this case appears to coincide with the image published by the authorities when the public information about the vehicle was leaked. Investigators believe that the recreational vehicle that is in the photos is the same that is located in the center of the explosion, signal the police force, but can not be sure because it was destroyed in the explosion.

CNN’s analysis of Google Streetview’s images indicates that the vehicle was owned by the month of April 2013.

Dos vecinos le dijeron a CNN que definitally habían visto casa rodante que se mousra in las satellite photos of Google. Revelaron that although not habidan salido mucho in the climate more free, recuerdan haberlo visto stationed during the verano.

Warner had previously acquired another property on Bakertown Road at the same time in 2019, according to public records.

Warner received an explosives handling permit in November 2013, which expires in November 2016, according to public records.

He also obtained an alarm contractor’s license in November 1993, which expired in 1998, according to Tennessee license records.

Investigators suspected of attempted suicide

Investigators believe that the explosion was probably the result of a suicide bombing, following two police incidents with direct investigation of the investigation.

The officers also said earlier that they would find that the rest of the people were looking for the place of the explosion and an FBI official indicated that the agents had no clues as to what else was going on.

The FBI Special Agent in charge of Memphis’s Camp Officer, Douglas Korneski, told periodicals Saturday that he could “confirm no one or anyone else we identified,” and stated that “at this time, we are not.” prepared to identify any person ».

There are also indications of other “explosive devices” and no other explosive devices have been discovered during an area barrier, said Korneski.

Nashville: Investigator blasts suicide bombing 3:47

Leave investigation no investigation into terrorism

Officials have not related the manner of any terrorist attack and, according to a federal source, no Creole facilities were built in the Nashville area that Huberan carried out an imminent attack on Christmas or the past.

A second police source says that federal authorities do not have a record of high-level talks by national extremist groups that indicate plans to crack down on attacks during the festivities.

Although the investigators are constantly retrieving information about who may be responsible for the explosion and why they are hiccuping, an expert says that it is unlikely that the explosion caused a massive assessment.

“What you’ve been talking about is the heck it’s that you don’t see the person or people you’d be willing to talk to if you’re interested in causing any kind of massive killings,” said James Gagliano, an FBI agent special investigator and analyst. of CNN on the compliment of the ley and the order.

Nashville’s Alcalde’s John Cooper’s claims that the explosion “clearly occurred when we were about to search”.

“A series of different messages will take place on the 5th of the day of a fire,” commented the alcalde. “Intentional parcel, but paro algo unique”.

AT&T works to restore interruptions

Thank you very much, AT&T, for informing us that one of its redundancy centers was affected by the explosion, working to restore service.

When a rescue center interrupts, generally due to a hurricane in another natural disaster, part of the Internet traffic can deviate, but not at all; therefore Nashville’s customers and other members of the state informed us about the uninterrupted telephone service and other connectivity.

“The energy is essential to restore the inlamambric communications and by cable and we work with the forces of the order to gain access to our team and carry out the necessary repairs”, AT&T indicates the night before. “Give the day to our installations, the time will restore the service.”

In a communiqué updated on Saturday night, AT&T signaled that the crew would be able to stay online at a time when command resumes the energy in the installation installations that were affected by the explosion.

“We are completing our work in the fastest and most secure manner,” the statement concluded.

The company says that it connects generators through the parades and works with the bomber and local officials to ensure that restoration efforts are carried out in a safe manner.

CNN’s matrix company, WarnerMedia, is owned by AT&T.

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