Ante el daño al tourism de climio cambio, Abinader-dobbeltsteen “triunfaremos juntos o fracasaremos separados”

The Dominican President, Luis Abinader, called on the Ibero-American leaders to plant a fair, sustainable and sustainable development model for tourism, given the impact that the climate change climate is having on this sector, in addition to the pandemic crisis.

In its intervention in the XXVII Ibero-American Cumberland of Gobierno Women, in Andorra, the Dominican Republic assumes the presidency for the time being, the Dominican mandate states that the degradation of marine and costly ecosystems.

“Friends, the world has reached a point of inflection, which obliges plants to develop another model of justice, justice, green and sustainable. Triunfaremos juntos o fracasaremos separados, la decisión es solo nuestra ”, con esta expressi concluo su discourse de jefe de Dominicano.

Continuation of Integral Discourse of Abinader in the Ibero-American Cumber

Speech by President Abinader for the Iberoamerican Cumbre – Andorra 2020

Dear Estimates,

At the moment, our region and the world are undergoing major setbacks that can only be addressed by a renewed multilateralism. In effect, in the face of the pandemic, climatic emergence, technological transformation and the need for a new paradigm for the State to be welcomed, it is necessary to reform the unity and cooperation between the Ibero-American people.

The Dominican government, as far as other countries are concerned, has sought to alleviate the effects of this sanitary and economic crisis, destined by the vast majority of the sectors affected by the population, to which we could not be deprived of protection by the people. que no quedaran desprotegidos ing. But, in addition, we have received a pledge of sanitary remedies to reduce the increase in contagion, and we have initiated, exitively, the evacuation process.

Preventing the pandemic, without embarrassment, in Iberoamerica, a crisis of regionalism is evident in the paralysis of integration mechanisms and the disgust that our countries face in multilateral fora.

During this period, as far as it is concerned, an economic growth rate is observed, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean which recorded, in the period 2014-2019, the decrease in crime since the beginning of the century.

Colleagues, these are very preoccupying dates that we owe a debt of gratitude to regional integration and multilateralism advocacy.

To log in, you need a reorientation of the priorities of the public and in the form that governs our companies. It is necessary to have a model of development that procures a greater distribution of the great riches that can generate humanity, the protection of human rights and the medium, as well as the updating of the political institutions of law.

This new paradigm must be oriented towards the protection of democracy and the human rights, above all, in front of the giants that represent inequality and the crisis, as well as the actual, generic stress in democratic governance.

As CEPAL concluded: “In order to make a contribution to the sanitary crisis, it is necessary to have political and social pacts that are constructed with the participation of a wide variety of actors, which allow universal social protection and health…”.

The universality of enmity and crisis, he neglected interconnection in the world. Diversity, equity, solidarity are principles that allow for greater intensity within a more complex, diverse and global social dimension.

The vulnerability sentiment, which as soon as we discover the virus, we have our most obvious responsibility on the planet, and we must make decisions to return to the tray directory that we have left.

Without embarrassment, he points to the need for a renewed multilateral vision, in the process of distributing the vacancies against Covid-19, he observed that the richest countries have adopted policies of negligence and justice, in a manner of complaint and injustice, access to the different types of land and median lands, in contrast to all notions of human solidarity.

Which is very clear. We are not subscribing to humanitarian aid or benefit funds. What we plant is an alliance for the development that allows us to transmit as a region to a new productive and redistributive model.

We can end this intervention without referring to the tourism sector, which has, for us and other countries, an engine of economic crime for decades. This important sector has been greatly affected by the sanitary crisis, and even more so by its cohort, in the Caribbean, the effects caused by the climatic change in the midst of the degradation of marine ecosystems and the increase in marine destruction have been our costs.

Friends, the world has reached a point of inflection, which obliges planters another model of development, justice, green and sustainable. Triunfaremos juntos o fracasaremos separated, the decision is ours alone. Thank you very much.