Angelique Boyer assumes his songs in diminuto bañador azul y Sebastián Rulli suspira

Angelique Boyer veronderstel sus encantos en diminuto bañador azul y Sebastián Rulli suspira, pues ahora que ha finalizale s laboram compromise con su mÃrs recent telenovela, “Empire of Mentiras”, La pareja vive un pequeña luna de miel.

First 2020, Angelique Boyer has an impeccable trayectoria and el mundo de las telenovelas, pues desde que protagonizó “Teresa”, Quedó immortalized like one of the great actresses of the new generation.

Now with “Empire of mentionsIn the final final, Angelique Boyer It is not possible to be more agreeable with your work team and its followers, who support this history of principle to the end, provide a privileged place with which you are most likely to be on time. The double with Andrés Palacios in love with the public.

In all these trays, since a few months ago, Sebastián Rulli have side clave for the exit of Angelique Boyer, only when he had protagonist compartments, he felt that he wanted to be the companions of life and only now that he was formalizing his relationship with a boda, could not be more enamored.

Angelique Boyer also has hablado of being a mother is not something that is in his proximity projects, but since his death Sebastián Rulli is a great father and so he has demonstrated with his hijo, who also is hijo of the guapa Cecilia Galliano, of whom which is a great mother and that is reflected in the education of the child.

Angelique Boyer takes a look at the imagination in a little blue bathing suit

There are times when you talk about social media, Angelique Boyer placed in the closet of a boat with a small blue bathing suit, while enjoying a little sun. In these days, the French origin actress has gala of her collection of tracks and her impeccable figure.

Observe the image here

Although the image for its sole cause infinity of reactions and comments, the news of the November of Angelique Boyer, the actor Sebastián Rulli, quien señaló sin pena:

Dame todo eso por favor ”.

Posteriormente, Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli is dejaron ver in the comfort of his hogar preparing an asado, algo that he has wanted the specialty of the actor, donde además hace homageje to su origen argentino y al buen sazón que ha apprentice de sus padres.

Tal como había señalado Angelique Boyer is ononderbroke semanas, ahora que ha concluas las grabaciones de “Empire of Mentiras“If there is a good descent before his next project, then the likes that his followers do not know his image, in addition, confide in which the pandemic is controlled and can make other passions like the theater.