Angela Kinsey from office has COVID-19

“I really tried to quarantine it and not get it.”

You know Angela Kinsey, especially from The office.

Mitchell Haaseth / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Last week, Kinsey revealed on Instagram that several members of her family tested positive for COVID-19. Since then, her whole family has tested positive, and yesterday Kinsey revealed that she also tested positive.

“I knew the odds were against me since I lived with 4 Covid-positive people,” she posted on her Instagram story, noting that after she initially tested negative, she was tested again after not doing well. did not feel. “I really tried to quarantine it and not get it.”

Yesterday, Kinsey gave an update on her symptoms via her Instagram story, pointing out that she did not get a fever, but lost her taste and smell.

Later that day, she gave another update with a photo of her resting in bed: “Take it easy. Thank you for your sweet messages of encouragement. It means a lot! I’m fine, I’m really tired. I hope so. well done to you all. ❤️ “

The office co-star Ellie Kemper also sent her love and support in the comments.

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