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Engineer Andrea del Valle has been living in Taiwan for 11 years and is dedicated to researching the cure for cancer.  (Photo Press Free: courtesy).

Engineer Andrea del Valle has been living in Taiwan for 11 years and is dedicated to researching the cure for cancer. (Photo Press Free: courtesy).

Andrea del Valle is characterized by being a detached student. Since then, it has been much called attention to research, all of which is related to chemistry, physics and biology. By its decision to enter the University of San Carlos Guatemala in order to study medicine, in order not to become a physician after graduating, it is necessary to have basic knowledge of how the organism works and to carry out research.

“The experience at Usac was very good. At the beginning I had to do the exams, but all the psychology because I had to do something that I could not study, but entered the medical career. My idea was to study a career for 7 years, graduate with a medical license, get a pool and learn how to be an investigator. My favorite classes are biology, physics and chemistry because I have the most intentions and feelings that I will serve to investigate the most important ”, related.

In the first year of the career, during the biology class, Del Valle asks the catheterization and if he can use the DNA of a different form to cure the cancer, to which the licensed respondent is, if not, harían ellos. It’s not the correspondence to dicha carrera. “At the moment, I’m convinced that I’m living in the equivocal place and I do not want to go all out,” he said.

So far, the paper has been involved in a lawsuit filed by the Taiwanese court over its e-mail. Although the questionnaire was in fact collocated well with the information in the forms and it was adequately developed in the interviews that the director undertook, the week before the good news was announced: the author agreed to study and take part in the study.

“Fue el passje más largo que he hecho. I did not spend so much time on a plane, I flew for a total of 25 hours flying. When I read in Taiwan that I had no idea why I wanted to make a bird with a long hair, ”he said.

At the beginning the principal defaulted on the idiom, so the first one was dedicated to studying Mandarin. Take the intensive level course and study three hours a day. The best way to do it is to dedicate yourself to studying and adore money so that the next year you can start studying at the University and studying Biomedical Engineering and Licensing in ambient sciences.

‘I’m not sure what query I’re investigating, I’ve been looking for a career that I’m ready to investigate anything, and so on. Receive physical classes to learn how to make nuclear reactors to make X-ray and ultrasound machines. Also in the field of chemistry we prepare to make chemical and pharmaceutical compounds. In the end, one does not know what he is studying, but we will be sure we can do something ”, says the engineer.

The investigation

When it comes to the age of medical science a professor teaches to cultivate cells, he commences to make investigations into the cancer simply with the proposal to learn how to cultivate these cells. His first studies do not focus on the cure for this disease, he sees in his development, lies, but sees the structure of the cells and will be able to use to eliminate, start treatment to treat cancer.

Andrea Del Valle dedicated the mayor de su tiempo to an investigator la cura del cáncer. (Photo Press Free: courtesy).

The treatments that he developed consist of the idea of ​​minimizing the interaction of chemotherapy with cancer cells and increasing the accumulation of the drug in the tumor. Inject 100% of the medicine and 1% into the tumor. This is a problem, as it will need to increase the dose to eliminate the tumor; At the same time, chemotherapy does not differentiate between cancerous and healthy cells, which divide rapidly and provoke severe secondary effects in the patient.

The drug that binds to the tumor has killed cancerous cells, but many are so short and there is evidence of resistance to chemotherapy. Nanotechnology now allows to store large doses of medicine in nanorobots, iron, gold and platinum echoes, and accumulate in the tumor to make it more effective.


Después of realizing the preclinical studies, Del Valle explains that he exchanged rumbo and that the private companies that patented the pharmacy to lie colocarlo in the market, do not receive well the notice that tends to inject hierro, oroas platino a. “I’m very sad about the news, because I’ve done all the studies I have for my doctorate, but now I’m working in another pharmacy, inspired by traditional Maya medicine,” dobbeltsteen.

The Valle Engineer culminated in obtaining a doctorate in Taiwan. (Photo Press Free: courtesy).

For this new pharmacy, which also has the objective of counteracting the secondary effects of chemotherapies and being an alternative treatment, using organic compounds. “An explanatory form of explanation is to imagine that in order to cure it we will be tempted to take a tea, so we will have a super tea that can destroy the cancerous cells, because it is not toxic to the healthy cells.

The Mayor of the people who opt to try this type of research his patients with terminal cancer. It is said that it deals with surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, but it has not been able to combat the disease, and it is very advanced, as it is not another opportunity to try new investigations.

The engineer explained that he is currently commencing to carry out the tests on animals, in order to allow the investigation to be patented and to seek new funding in order to inaugurate a company that can and will apply to patients.

“I have always been interested in the traditional medicine of Maya and so I have been drinking the super tea, because its infusions are based on plants. In addition, it will be easier for the private initiative to patent a pharmacy, ”he said.

The preclinical tests initiated in December 2020 and approximately in July of 2121 apply to patents and prescriptions, so that this pharmacy can continue with the research route and help more people to get cancer.