An employee of a Wisconsin hospital has intentionally lost 500 doses of vaccines against the coronavirus


Quinient dose of the vacancy against the COVID-19 que tuvieron que ser desechadas because it does not refrigerate frequently, when it is blown deliberately stripped by an employee, dijo el mercoles una red de hospitals des Wisconsin.

The Aurora Medical Center has informed the Saturday about the lost doses and the initial signal that fueron accidentally dies at ambient temperature during the night by an employee at the Grafton Aurora Medical Center.

In a communiqué issued by the nightclubs at night, Aurora signaled that the employee implied “reconnaissance hoy that the vehicles would be withdrawn intentionally from the refrigeration”.

Area restricted from a Wisconsin hospital (Reuters)
Area restricted from a Wisconsin hospital (Reuters)

Aurora says in the communication that the employee was fired and that the employee was turned over to the authorities for the mayor’s investigation. In the communication the possible motive for this action is not mentioned, and the directives of the health system do not currently respond to the messages that are sent in the search for more information.

We will continue to believe that the evacuation is our pandemic. We are more than frustrated that the process of this individual will delay the evacuation of more than 500 people”, Dice el communicado. Aurora declinó brindar additional information, to confirm that the jewels will have more details.

At the moment, it is known that the laboratory has unrolled the doses involved. Of all forms, such as Pfizer’s as well as Moderna’s, the two companies authorized in the EU, essential conservative congeladas a -70 ° C y -20 ° C, respectively.

The employee manipulation will resume the process of inoculating people, then the hospital, in a state that reports 3,170 new cases and 40 murders of covid-19 the mercoles.

At the national level, the vacancy campaign comes very close to the target of the initially announced target, applying the first dose to 20 million people before the end of the year. According to the Wednesday School, according to the CDC’s data, 2.7 million people are receiving the vacancy in the country, 37 miles from them in Wisconsin. If all the vacancies distributed are hubiesen applied, some very difficult to compile due to logistical complications, tampoco are hubiese launched the meta, and he has distributed 12.4 million vials.

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