An alarming number of Americans ignore health officials and travel for the holidays

The new number is close to Wednesday’s pandemic record when nearly 1.2 million people flew – and it’s the third busiest day for U.S. air travel since it crashed in March.
While TSA traffic a year ago was only 45% of air traffic a day after Christmas, it means many people are still traveling – something that dr. Anthony Fauci called ‘regarding’ when he spoke to Wolf Blitzer last week. Earlier this month, the CDC adapted language to urge people not to travel.

Air travel has increased over the past week, when numbers in U.S. air travel hit six days in a row or more than a million passengers. TSA numbers show that about 9 million people have been screened at the TSA checkpoints since the December 18 holiday rush.

Before Wednesday, the previous pandemic record was set on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

The increase in air travel raises new fears for the health of experts that there will be another increase in coronavirus infections, similar to an increase recorded after Thanksgiving.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has urged Americans to stay home to avoid the spread of coronavirus. The increase in air travel is raising new fears among health experts about another jump in Covid-19 infections, similar to a rise recorded following the previous pandemic airline record around Thanksgiving.

The rise in travel is also coming as executives of various airlines want to bring back thousands of workers who were plagued in the autumn due to the depressed numbers.

The latest bill at the Covid-19 Congress includes an extension of the airline industry’s Payroll Support program, which sets aside $ 15 billion to submit more than $ 32,000. United (UAL) and American Airlines (AAL) employees quarreled in September. According to the companies, the additional funds are enough to pay the workers until March 31.