Amount of magnitude 6.3 sacude Croatia, according to the State News Agency

(CNN) – Croatia was hit by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, March informed the HINA Croatian landmarks agency, owned by the governor.

The European-Mediterranean Sismological Center (EMSC) says that the Croatian terrestrial earthquake at 12:20 pm local time (6: 20aET).

The epicenter of the site is 44 kilometers to the east of the capital of the country, Zagreb, according to the EMSC.

“A terrain of this type can generate significant data at close epicentric distances,” said the EMSC, noting that it is the largest terrain that has been sacrificed in Croatia since then.

According to the agency HINA, Darinko Dumbovic, Alcalde de Petrinja, a city in the center of Croatia, has requested immediate emergency assistance, saying that “the city of the city has been destroyed”.

Arnaud Siad and Nada Bashir of CNN in London