America looks like DT in Robert Moreno: the profile, his career and the numbers

The time to choose the replacement of Miguel Herrera as coach of Club America he mentions dozens of colleagues in this last week, even at these times of their appearance with the most possibilities that the rest for this cargo: Robert Dante Siboldi and the Spanish Robert Moreno González.

As the professional trayectoria of Uruguay is known in the MX League in the mando of Santos and Crtuz Azul, the fine detail of Europe, which is short but intense …

America is looking like DT and Robert Moreno: his profile, career and numbers

El landgenoot de Raúl Herrera, el Director-General de las Basic Forces, is Licensed in International Trade by the University of Barcelona, ​​in addition to having published a book entitled “My recipe of 4-4-2” in May 2013, in which he has a reflection, development and practical application of a vision of this tactical system, which is its predilect.

Seville’s Catalan ascendant, owner as strategist since 1991 (for 14 years), up to national level since 2003. Started in modest conditions in Catalonia’s football and in the first stage of the First Division due to the help of Luis Enrique in Rome in the season 2011-2012, who also accompanied Celta (2013-14) in Barcelona (14-17), with whom he shared three-quarters historic water The League, the Champions League and the Copa del Rey in 2015.

+ “Guardiola and Luis Enrique miss their best DTs”: Messi

For the 17-18 campaign regressed to Vigo as Juan Carlos Unzué’s collaborator for the most late unembark on the Selection of his native country as a successor to Luis Enrique through the 2018 World Cup, even when the leader of the Cuerpo Técnico renunció for personal problems -tenia to his little one with a grave of grief, for those who despise hecho murió- quedó él a cargo de La Roja, a la que commando in total en 9 partidos con 7 victorias y 2 empates.

Without embarrassment, when Luis Enrique returns, the differences between the two hiccups that Moreno marches on Monaco, together with the accumulated monkey 13 encounters with 5 triangles, 5 caidas and 3 equals. Ahora, ya libre, este timonel offensive vocation, associated game and permanent search of the mededinger porter appears among the variants that make the dome azulcrema in the Nido de Coapa.