America does not have to file to Robert Siboldi as DT for various illicit motives

When it appears that Robert Dante Siboldi here is the substitute for Miguel Herrera as Technical Director of Club America of car in 2021, during the night of the month there is a possibility for different reasons that parecen really is incredible on this altar and enthons are perfilled for this cargo Santiago Solari

The transfer and the reasons given by Siboldi will not be the coach of America

The first thing that happened was that from the directive to the executor of the Uruguayan strategy that should be included in his Cuerpo de trabajo a Gilberto Adame, which permanence in the Nido de Coapa desde have different years in different functions. Prohibition of probes, this condition was not accepted, by which the ex Santos and Cruz Azul stated that only the assumption was made against his complete staff, absolutely logical.

More late, the Director-General of the Basic Forces, Spain’s Raúl Herrera travels to his native country to establish contacts with four initial options: Robert Moreno, Javier Calleja, Marcelino García Toral and El propio Solari. Luego hizo el vínculo con el Presidente Deportivo Santiago Baños and with Joaquín Balcárcel, right-hand man of the owner of Televisa Emilio Azcárraga, in addition to being a member of the executive staff of the company and former Vice-President of the ministry. For supuesto, this is also the taste of Siboldi.

Además, según la columna de El Francotirador de Récord, the charrúa tampoco agreed the day and day with other integrants of the distinct categories as Mauricio Gallaga or the porter coach Miguel Martínez ‘El Cacharro’, who has been accused of working inside the Nido de Coapa institution. If it’s done well, if the money has never been a problem, from the Comarca advises that no “easy” personal timeline was made for it, but on the contrary.

For the most part, the Capital Capital entity that maintains its position in Gíber Becerra as the Physical Preparer more about the questioning of the constant lesions in the professional plant, per Siboldi and company pretending to be another in this situation.

Y, between such accumulated differences, they say goodbye …

No sé, el tiempo lo dirá