Alrededor de 30 viviendas inundadas tras desbordamiento del río Monga

Yoro, Honduras.

The residents of the Las Lomitas sector in the municipality of Olanchito, Yoro, are being alerted to warnings of flooding in the Mongo River.

One of 30 lives in this area has been affected by the current situation and members of the bomb squad are being transferred to the zone to carry out evacuations.

Agreed with the vecinos, the river is disembarked in the bay part by the constant constants who have provoked the mass of free air that affects the country.

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“This colony was not inhabited, but when Eta and Iota were converted into one of the most vulnerable in the zone,” one of the victims said.

Según, Rolando Ruiz, subteniente del Cuerpo de Bomberos, las afektadas fueron fueron evacuadas.

“At 2:00 the madrugada cayeron was carrying louvias in the zone and provoking that the level of the river was incremented and disembarked by the lower part”.

Affected people are transferred to a community center to save their lives.

The 80 families of this colony must be alerted to the conditions that cause this phenomenon in the country.

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Roatán también registra inundaciones

In the community of Cañaveral off Roatan, Bahá’í Islands also register registrations and find the interrupted pass.

Copeco informs that the lluvias will continue this Saturday in Colón, Atlántida and Yoro because the farmers have a lot of precaution.