Algemene Increpa Agents Digesett Why Not “Pusieron In Attention”

A man identified as Brigadier General José Manuel Frías Rodríguez has been charged by agents of the General Directorate of Transit and Transport Transport (Digesett) with failing to pay his vehicle tax at the time.

In a video broadcast on social media shows Frías Rodríguez complaining “respect” to the Digesett agents and being put in the position of “attention” debited to the extent that he was ten.

“Ponganse in attention Amet, ponganse in attention Amet, But what is it? ”The official said to one of the agents in a defiant act and then read the other Digesett to mediate the situation.

To another agent, the general said: “He has to pay attention and respectfully identify, identify, or. When I identified myself, I had to salute as a general and then declare ‘commander you can not be paraded here’ ”.

Posteriorment, the general disciplines more discipline, while deciding a series of obscene words, to which the agent the answer that “be moderate”, which provoked a mayor alteration in the act of man, who arranged with “make a report ”.

The suicidal situation because Frías Rodríguez has his vehicle parked on a tram of the Cyclovia of the National District, zone in which it is forbidden to park.

The official activity was criticized in social media, mainly on Twitter, including the word “Digesett”, “Amet”, and “El General”.

Some users will show up in opposition to Frías Rodríguez’s actions like @correavpl who said: “I told the general, that I did not meet in a military unit, that he did not establish uniforms, that his agents, o militêre, gevestigde cumpliendo una arbeid burgerlike, que las leyes son iguales para todos. Your error could be identified ”.

Others like @ hdez1000 commented in favor of the official respect advertising: those who oppose the general, the respect that the military salute is a ceremonial obligation in all the institutions of the globe. It’s discipline. This is what the general says. Lo otro …. es estar en falta y poner la multa que el NO se ha negado. ”