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The fashion red has been converted into a platform for people who are alien to denounce the hagan in their proposed terms. This is the case of model Owen Mooney, who experienced a Tiktok narrative the unpleasant experience that surfaced in 2017, while being found in a nocturnal club, when fooling around was appropriately referred to as having a first instance description like a very famous designer ‘. Watch the second video that was published, confirming the speculations of its followers, pointing out that Alexander Wang is found behind the sexual acoustic. What could have been done in this Mooney narration, was accumulating more similar testimonials than he had ever known to share distant Instagram accounts.

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The Instagram S — Model Management account retrieves some of the testimonials, inviting social media users to follow the designer’s and company’s comments. Returning this information, Diet Prada’s profile decided to retrieve more testimonials that he was able to convey to users of social media, all with a similar behavior on the part of the designer. For its part, Insider has contacted some of the persons who shared their testimonies in order to follow up on their accusations.

I could not create what I was striving to do to me”, If you listen to Owen in the video that is part of the trend, the Experience is even more striking to see in public. In this Tiktok primer, the model decided not to reveal the identity of his attacker: “The preview video, the best thing to do is not to mention numbers, but this comment surprised me, only because, of height, acertaron … Hay un montón from people to what they have so, as in this case, they must invest ”.

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Although of first instance, the original video of the model was eliminated from the red, wanted to be visible and its repercussions were much in the fashion world. Although it has been repeated, both by S — Model Management as by Diet Prada is that, since the diffusion is necessary to the accusations of the masculine models, as he replicated in this case, which he also included various accusations of transgender people. Hasta el momento, Various fashion media, such as Insider, report that they intend to contact the designer or his team, but will not receive a reply, in addition to the fact that in his Instagram account he has deactivated the comments. Model Alliance, an organization dedicated to promoting the right path for models has given a message of support to the denunciators.

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Who is Alexander Wang?

Hijo de padres taiwaneses, Wang nació en San Francisco en 1983 de desde 15 años comenzó su carrera en el mundo de la moda. Surprisingly, he started his famous company in 2005, when he was 21 years old. For years, he has been carrying all the waste of his business, until 2017, when he was the executive officer. His popularity led him to be at the helm of his brand, also becoming creative director of Balenciaga between 2012 and 2015.

It is known, not only in its search for distinguished celebrities, but also by its style of life, which has led to its brand, as a lover of festivals and the nocturnal life.