Al senado’s 2000 ayuda checks, en donde los republicanos tienen mayoria | News Univision Elections in EUEU 2020

The decision to increase to $ 2,000 direct payments to contributing contributors such as the previous coronavirus in the Senate, which will be cited this March.

The Chamber of Representatives approves the passage of the month with the third, but the result in the Senate is difficult to predict the unfortunate confluence of forces.

Por un lado la minoría democrata coincides with President Donald Trump and the necessary increase in checks of $ 600 per $ 2,000.

The Democrat leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer wrote that the “Republican senators should not oppose”.

Schumer asks that the media be approved by unanimity, and that this be a sole objection to impediment.

On the other hand, the Republican majority is in an uncompromising position that divides its division into a sector that is in line with the populism of the mandate and otherwise adheres to the traditional doctrine of conservatism, opposing the public guest.

Democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders announced that he’s convinced the Senate to consider any other topic that Republican leader Mitch McConnell will delay voting in the plenary.

“While McConnell is acceding to vote on $ 2,000 checks, the Congress will pass the New Year’s vis-à-vis the Capitol,” Sanders warned.

The other important point that the Senate needs to address is that the next Saturday culminates in the bianual legislative enactment in the course of which the possible annulment of the veto that Trump has given to the defense sector.

La cámara baja ya aprobó la víspera annular el veto. The Senate approved this legislation for $ 740,000 million to me with a vote of 84-13, in addition to the three required terms to cancel the presidential veto.

The first series will be that the Congress annuls a veto on Trump, which objects to legislation alleging that it has no legal protection in the social speeches that -según él- discriminates against conservative and favored-vote laws in China.