Agriculture responds to 37 agricultural technicians who were evacuated from the institution

The Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, has ordered the immediate repositioning of 37 agricultural technicians who have recently resigned from this institution.

The decision was announced by the company of an agreement between the National Association of Professional Agroecologists (ANPA) and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The agreement contemplates the disposition of the Ministry as a body that meets with professionals and technicians to work together and in a way that benefits the producers of the various areas of the camp, signals a communication.

The president of the ANPA, Danilo Severino, considers the sincere climate of work and solution created by Minister Cruz in the institution, by which it is compromised to manage and guarantee this climate of peace and harmony as a form of guaranteeing food security del país.

Observo that the Minister of Agriculture with his good deeds has created in the agri-enterprise harmony and work.

In the second floor, the Minister’s Gabinete, Freddy Fernández; as representatives of the Dominican Association of Agronomic Engineers (ADIA); of the Association of Veterinarians and the College of Engineers, Architects and Agricultural Surveyors (CODIA).