Afición de Cruz Azul estalla contra Milton Caraglio

The poster of Cruz Azul is living one of the most complicated months of its history. For the past 27 days he has been questioning a series of situations that he saw in the face of the cementing fanatic, who, like his team, has been humiliated, eliminated, and without a trainer on the day of the premonition, algae mast?

Then, with a view to the social speeches of the celestial club, a new focal point of general descent is directed at a particular player: Milton Caraglio. And it is the Argentine delicacy -questioned to the length of the competitive year that will continue for six months in the Cruz Azul plant, giving march back in its intention to make the males in this passing market.

Milton’s decision was not well received by the fanatic, quien señala al suramericano como uno un los futbolistas de la plantilla con mayores kanse de hacero haque para reforzar a un teamo pas pas a ser el ‘hazme reir’ de todo México después de tener el pasa a la final in sus manos.

“O see que seguiremos igual, o peor, de verdad betraurenswaardige y klaaglike esto, y que sigan los PETARDOS., wrote one of the fanatics. These phrases have been replicated by many who believe that the Argentine artillery has not complied with the expectations that generate its high cost for the club.

“With this notice it is agreed to confirm that the 21st bottle is good”, he says much more fatalist, and that reflects the pessimism that reigns in an affection that has lost all hope of being renovated and shrugged off the tan nova nova starra de cara al proximo Guard1anes 2021.