Adamari López and the emotion of his wife as he opens his shelves

Feeling the magic of the moment, Adamari is listening to the story that the Elves have a date given as proof of his presence along with some photos taken by surprise in the room of his house.

“Alaïa, ¿cómo hicieron los elfs eso? you will take these photos to agree that they are here. Oye, y el reno se llevó todas las zanahorias ”, señaló.

Among the surprises that can be obtained is a balance bar to perfect your gym classes at home and a patina, which will appear to be one of the most hoped-for things by Alaïa.

But here is the question, at which point in the video the transfer was made to the famous casita of monks to celebrate another shared visit with a beautiful bicycle, the one who was immediately able to try out the one in Miami with one of them .

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