According to the police report, the friend of the Nashville bomber warned that he was ‘building bombs’ in his RV

In August 2019, the girlfriend of Anthony Quinn Warner – the man who police believe blew up his RV in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day and damaged 41 buildings – told authorities he was making bombs in the vehicle. The Tennessean reports.

While the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Warner was “not on our radar,” The Tennessean obtained a report from the Metro Nashville Police Department stating that on August 21, 2019, Warner’s girlfriend told officers he was “building bombs in the RV trailer in his home,” information that was then shared with the FBI.

Her lawyer, Raymond Throckmorton III, called police and when officers arrived at the girlfriend’s home in Antioch, Tennessee, they found her outside with two loaded guns that she said belonged to Warner, police spokesman Don Aaron said. of the Metro, said The Tennessean. Police then went to Warner’s home, where no one answered the door. Officers saw his RV but could not see the inside of it. The report states that they also noticed “several security cameras and wires attached to an alarm sign on the front door.”

The Aaron Tells The Tennessean “the FBI announced that they had checked their belongings and found no records of Warner at all,” and “no evidence of a crime has ever been found and no further action has been taken.”

Throckmorton tells The Tennessean On Tuesday, he called law enforcement because his client was afraid Warner was going to hurt her. He believes that ‘someone dropped the ball somewhere’, and with the information they had about Warner, the police could take additional steps to prevent the bombing.

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