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The recent package of economic estimates approved by the United States includes a clause casting on the governors of the Northern Triangle for its corruption and democratic compromise

In the midst of a year and a half, the presidency of Nayib Bukele has shown clear signs of a systematic attack on the institutionality and the state of justice in El Salvador: it has ignored judicial failures, it has accused opponents of transparency. y, peor aún, has used the security forces like the brazen armies of his capricious politicians.

This has not been advertised in United States, head of El Salvador. At the gates of a goberman cambio, and in the middle of Bukele’s efforts to pay lobbyists to erase his image in Washington, his North American ally recalls the assistance given to the Salvadoran Forces.

This report is part of an extension package and an estimate for combating coronavirus that are both rooms of the EE Congress. UU. recently approved and that President Trump ratified the passage passed on December 27th.

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Between the annexes to the main project, a single clause has been passed to combat corruption in Central America, which includes this report from the Department of State’s fundraising team for the defense team for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Bukele remains important to the legislator promoting the report

In the wake of his incumbent presidency, Bukele has reported signs of an institutional uprising that has not gone unnoticed in Washington DC. Well, the Trump administration has kept quiet some clear abuse of power, to consider Bukele allied with its migratory policies, both legislative bands are pronounced on occasional occasions against the waves in the salvage mandate state.

One of the legislators who said his company in these statements requires respect for the institutionalism of Norma Torres, which includes the Chamber of Representatives for the state of California. At the moment, Bukele remains important to Torres and other legislators who speak out against their abusers, saying that they are not representative and have had to deal with the fact that only companies owned by companies know how to contain them.

The Legislature’s Legislature, which remains important, promotes the partial fundraising report for the armed forces that was approved by the Senate and sanctioned by Trump.

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This legislative project also exemplifies another type of government-sanctioned sanctioning of democracies in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Joe Biden’s governor, who took up the post on January 20, will take just six months to enter a list of individuals who are considered corrupt in the Northern Triangle and the country will proceed to cancel visas and establish sanctions, as approved by both Legislative chambers.

This, combined with the Biden plan for Central America, which plants lasting consequences for the corrupt, is a reference to the lands of the Northern Triangle that are supported by Trump’s governing style: a miraculous saying ante the obvious abuses of power.

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The United States Secretary of State El Salvador, Mari Carmen Aponte, said he had one month in El Diario de Hoy that President Bukele said he was hoping for a different approach from Biden’s governing body, which would require a more abusive posture. .

Bad news for Bukele, good for El Salvador

In this sentence, José Miguel Vivanco, director for the Americas de Human Rights Watch (HRW), asks on Twitter for a comment on the supone “buenas noticias para El Salvador”. Malas noticias para Bukele ”.

Vivanco, who has been a critical aide to the president’s abuses and has been blocked on Twitter by the mandate, says that “his abused abusers have international costs. And with the end of Trump this cost will only increase ”.

The HRW staffer summed up everything with an image of February 9, the most iconic event of the abandonment of Bukele at the State Court, when he captured a military and police force of the Legislative Assembly to press for a credit. This success is due to the participants in the international image of the President Salvadoran and the finale of the “luna de miel” that many international observers met with Bukele.

This report does not include the horror of cooperation with the fight against drug trafficking and other cases, but it is a message for the countries of the Northern Triangle.

“These are countries at the same level as dictatorships and failed states,” said Adam Isacson, member of the Washington Officers for Latin America (WOLA), a study center for the promotion of the state of the country.

Napoleon Campos, an expert in international accounting and a candidate nominated by Nuestro Tiempo, stated that “Nayib Bukele wanted to log! Lost Fomilenio III by El Salvador and now the EE military assistance. UU. (The President) Trump firms the law that corrupts corruption in Bukele and that it imposes grave burdens on Democracy and the State of Derech.

For his part, Bukele’s ambassador to Washington, Milena Mayorga, expressed surprise at this report and in an interview with The Associated Press (AP) called to reconsider the decision, resulting in Bukele’s democratic compromise.