A new Galaxy awaits while Samsung unveils the Galaxy S21 teaser

  • Samsung has posted a preview for the Galaxy S21 series.
  • The video outlines the history of the Galaxy S family.

Samsung is widely expected to launch its Galaxy S21 series in mid-January, coming much earlier than previous smartphones in the family. The company posted a teaser video on YouTube indicating that a new Galaxy is waiting. ‘

The video tells us nothing else, as it charts the history of the Galaxy S series and the various design changes that have been made to each iteration. The clip shows how the devices go from thick rings and physical home buttons to the screen designs and clippings.

Aside from the headline above, Samsung’s video also ends on a stylized ‘2021’ date possibly indicating the Galaxy S21 name. Check out a screenshot below.

Samsung Galaxy S21 teaser video

We expect three phones to appear next month, namely the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra. But we already have a lot of apparent details thanks to leaks, ranging from core specifications to pricing and availability.

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