A man was given alone in Nochebuena for $ 15 million in Las Vegas gambling

A man was given alone in Nochebuena for $ 15 million in Las Vegas gambling

Kevin invested $ 40 dollars in a tragedy machine and won more than $ 15 million dollars.

Photo: Mark Makela / Getty Images

A resident of partial time of Las vegas ganó $ 15.5 million del Megabucks to play in one of the slot machines of a casino during the visper of Nochebuena.

Kevin, who divides his time between Las Vegas and Alaska, said he would like to spend one more day in Nevada at work, but he never imagined that only tears would make him happy and celebrate the best Christmas of your life.

Kevin’s Juve was directed to the Suncoat Hotel’s casino and sent to one of the $ 40 dollar tragedy machines in the Megabucks what the hell to get $ 15,491,103 dollars, the mayor awarded that the machines he drove in Nevada in the last eight years, according to a press release.

The inexperienced banker will now use his funds to support his business and “pay by deed”.

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The mayor awards the belt Megabucks was registered in 2003 when a player won more than $ 39 million at the hotel casino Excalibur.

An April of 2019 and a home hotel Sunset Station won $ 13.2 million after playing one minute on one of the tragamoned machines.

What happens when you finish buying a lottery ticket and ganas el premium mayor? This is the day of your heart that you will be converted in the life of your life in case of no careful care.

If you have a ticket is the winner, before deciding what to do with your money, let us know some advice that you should avoid if you want to know what you want.

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