96% of the wireless network has been restored, 86% of the broadband for consumers

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – AT&T says crew members have made significant progress in restoring service to the region following an explosion Friday morning outside an AT&T data center.

As of Sunday night, AT&T says that “96% of our wireless network is being repaired, 60% of our business services are being repaired and 86% of our broadband and consumer entertainment services are being repaired.”

They say their goal is to restore all services by the end of Sunday.

In addition, AT&T waives wireless data surplus in the affected area, and that affected customers can also receive credits for their service costs.

The blast affected the widespread service disruption that came just outside of Central Tennessee.

The company said Sunday afternoon that power was restored to more than 75% of the mobile sites affected by the Friday blast. They added that service in Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama, is now operating normally. The company said power was restored on four floors of its building and that it was expected for four additional floors today.

More than three feet of water was pumped out of the basement of the building on Saturday, but access to some camps is still restricted.

AT&T said the crew would add additional cabling and more generators on Sunday to provide more power in the building to help with the repair.

“Teams are working to bring additional equipment safely online and relocate services through other facilities in the region. While mobility services have been restored in many areas, we still have more than 17 portable mobile sites in the air to assist with communications, including for recovery teams and first responders, “AT&T said in an update. have disaster recovery equipment on site.

The company did not provide an exact time when they expected the service to be fully restored. Metro officials said customers will sometimes lose service as repairs continue, but officials are confident they will be working at full capacity by the end of Sunday.

Damage to the building is still being assessed.