80 million more cases worldwide

(CNN) – The number of known cases of the new coronavirus reached the global level of 80 million on Saturday at 12:20 pm (Miami time), according to data from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Coronavirus Resource Center (JHU, by its seals in English).

The JHU informs that the actual number of registered cases and all the world is now 80.027.056. However, it is reported that at least 1,753,313 people have died worldwide due to causes of the virus.

United States will lead the majority of deaths and cases confirmed on the entire planet. There are at least 18,771,885 cases of coronavirus in the United States and at least 330,345 he died.

India, Brazil and Russia, according to EE.UU., also have the mayor’s registered number of coronavirus cases worldwide.

In terms of deaths, EE.UU., Brazil, India and Mexico all have death rates related to covid -19 months.