7 steps to ensure health with preventive medicine

Usually the nines and adolescent son are the best beneficiaries of the preventive medicine, thanks to responsible parents and cared for the health of their homes. Sondeverbod, aida med pasan los años se pierde un habito esencial: help the health.

What is preventative medicine?

Preventive medicine is directed to healthy people. If they take their visits to the doctor who, as he says in his name, previen enfermedades. It’s the best way to act and do it in front of medical conditions that are most likely to aggravate a patient’s condition. As far as the main studies are concerned, the idea of ​​preventive medicine is to explore “health problems before manifesting the symptoms or surjan complications ”.

Loose risk factors are the basis for guiding preventive analysis. Between them is the family history family medicine, which allows enphasis to be made under the possible conditions that a person can exercise genetics. También el style and habits of life how to smoke or do extreme sports; y el physical and social entourage, particularly important for detecting mental affections.

Sales of exploratory studies

  • Increase the probabilities of grafted disease recovery.
  • Reduce the risk of invalidity and Premature mortality.
  • Aleja de complications ‘n padecer enfermedades que se agraven por conditions preexistence.
  • Minimize the guest in medicines and attention.
  • Promote saludable conductas.
  • Maintain the optimal health by increasing the quality of life.

Some nurses who can significantly increase the life of the people who are detected at the time are: diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, colon cancer, maternal cancer, osteoporosis, depression.

7 steps to benefit from preventive medicine

  1. In the case of the nines, do not salt or dissolve them control regularities: vacancy, check of weight and weight, routine exams.
  2. The adults also have specific controls to advertise situations following the oath. Aging one quote with a general practitioner at least one year ago and pide that the indiquen exams preventive.
  3. If you have an established establishment, you must realize studies that prevent complications such as sequelae.
  4. Tenga un cabecera medicine to who can make consultations about possible preoccupations.
  5. Manténgase informed y knows about potential illnesses in his family.
  6. No automation. Tomato vitamins in excess can also be given. Increases in living habits, respect for food, moderation, moderate alcohol consumption, regular diet, diarrhea and mindfulness.
  7. Not obsessed with health. If it is possible to contradict this step, it is referred to as prevention is not obsessed. Prevention is a race in organization. If a person creates a mania with the possibility of being sick, he can affect his mental and physical health.