5 great doctors in 1 literature that touches history

Katherine Trujillo Useche
Latina Agencia de Noticias de Medicina y Salud Pública

Many of the celebrities of the literary world have been medicated and hiccuped as they summarize history and the advances now known.

Antón Chéjov

Chéjov is one of the great Russian writers, who with his work as a playwright was so prominent that his works were adapted all over the world and were considered one of the best authors of short stories that existed.

This writer is the father of the phrase “medicine is my legal profession and literature is my mind”. His medical profession is known in many of its works and when it commences to write it here for mainly economic reasons, and little by little the literature has a place in its heart.

Mijaía Bulgákov

Bulgákov, a student in Kiev, studied medicine at the University of Kiev, and worked for many years in the Kiev hospital. During the First World War, he performed his services at the Red Cross, in the battlefield front. During his labor he became pregnant by more than one opportunity. Without embarrassment, the passion for it does not thrive.

‘N Este author se le recuerda como novelista y dramaturgo. His most recognizable work is The Master and Margarita. Like Chéjov, this author is inspired by his career as a doctor to write his stories. They are like provincial medical pueden to reflect on autobiographical form in the Diary of a young doctor.

W. Somerset Maugham

Born in the British embassy in Paris, where his father works, he has much in common with Bulgákov. Writing short stories, theatrical works and short stories that have become so popular that in the decade of the 30th, Maugham will be considered as the best paid author on the planet.

Before that, I had studied medicine and also worked as a medical practitioner in the Red Cross during the First World War.

Blanche Keats

Be one of the most important English poets of romanticism. Vivió only 25 years, but this is the time sufficient to focus on one of the principal exponents of the poetry of the era.

In 1816, at the age of 21, Keates received his license to practice medicine, albeit for the sake of his love for poetry, and his clarity and preference for this activity remained constant in his medical practice.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Conan medical study and work as medicine for many years. Alcanzó the title of MD algo poco visto par la epoca en Escocia. With his investigation into the dorsal taboos logaro to get rid of a disease that affects the ophthalmology.

This reconnaissance character of the literature also works as a medicine of a barque and also a consultation with a friend for a time in the city of Plymouth. Eventually, he installed his ophthalmological consultation in the city of London, but this did not prevent some of the most popular detective stories from all time.