3,000 passengers will leave the United Kingdom

Around 3000 tourists are estimated to be the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores) dejarán de llegar al pais des Reino Unido, luego de que el Gobierno announce the cancellation of the flight procedures of this destination from the 22nd of December a detecci new cepa del Covid-19.

Asonahores’ executive vice president, Andrés Marranzini, said it was too late to assess the impact of this move, indicating that with the suspension of three British Airways weekly flights, it could affect some 3,000 passengers, approximately.

It should be noted, however, that this means suspending flights, to reduce the number of tourists from this destination, sends a positive signal to visitors to other countries regarding the security that Dominican Republic offers to those who decide to vacation in it tierras.

“We are talking about the fact that this decision is taken because we have a mistake, a correct decision, because we are losing, because we are the ones who are passing through the Dominican Republic to ensure that (the country) does not receive tourists. to receive tourists who have security criteria ”, excuse me.

Ante the situation generated in United Kingdom with the new coronavirus cepa, the Public Health and Tourism Tourism soliciting the Civil Aviation Union (JAC) the suspension of birds from this nation as a means of prevention, which has been approved the 22nd of December.

Marranzini points out that currently the country can not focus on what it feels like in Ghana when it has two responsible media that send the message to tourists from other countries that the Dominican Republic is a safe destination. Aggregate that will have a good amount of birds from America and Dominicans living abroad.

Passengers in quarantine

All passengers arriving in the United Kingdom during the last weeks of the week will be required to attend the Dominican Republic, as part of the new preventive measures to prevent the propagation of Covid-19 in the country.

The media is applied to the travel by the managed airports by the Dominican Airlines XXI Company (Aerodom), single statement Luis López Mena, corporate director of Communications of this consortium.

“Now that it has established itself as all the people living in the United Kingdom, the last few weeks will be mandatory for the country to be established, as well as preventive sanitation against Covid-19,” he said.

Tampoco llegan de Italia

Agreed with the dates of the Dominican Association of Tour Operators (Adotur), the country is also receiving tourists from England and Italy. We are receiving a seminal charter flight from Spain, France and Germany. We are the recipients of commercial flights all over the world, ”said Jacinto Fernández, President of Adotur. The Adotur group of 105 business travel agents.

Agreed with the flight itinerary of the 28th is from the 3rd of January 2021, of the Aeroportuaria del Este, SA, register the A320, procedure of London, England, by the Frontier Airlines airline, this Monday 28 with the route ORD-PUJ-ORD. (Chicago / Punta Cana).

In addition, there are flights from the United States and Canada and Spain, countries in which are circulating the new coronavirus variant.


In principle, the Health Public Pandemic Establishment at the Las Americas Airport between the centers where passengers are enrolled in compulsory emergency services.

One of the centers housed by the Public Health Operating at the Naval Base of Boca Chica and another at the Club de Aduanas, of the avenue Las Américas.